Easy Fix – “There was a problem parsing the package” – Android Tips

Are you facing this frustrating problem of “there was a problem parsing the package”  when trying to install an app on your android mobile ? Do you get this error  “there was a problem parsing the package” anytime you want update an app on your android phone ? Are you trying to install an app […]

Live Webinar Tips -Five Shockingly Easy Method to Increase Registration

Live Webinar Tips

Live Webinar Registration – Overview Live Webinars can be a great and profitable marketing tool for lead generation and product awareness that is as long as you do them in the right manner. Live webinars have proven to have an amazing conversion ratio. Having said that, creating and managing a successful webinar is often easier […]

Host Webinar Using Youtube Live & Top Webinar Alternatives


I have always been a great advocate of google products( in most cases) , so this post may sound a bit biased, but you can be rest assured that any information shared on this Youtube Live article are based on facts and research. Youtube Live as Webinar Platform – Introduction If you want to broadcast […]

Kontent Machine Review-Insights and Discount

Kontent Machine Review

In this age and time, where google algo updates are hitting websites really hard as far as SERP is concerned , it is all about high quality content if you want win in the battle of better search engine ranking. If we go back a few years, ranking website was pretty much easy and it […]

Educational apps for kids – Best of iOS and Android

educational apps for kids

In this Digital Age, having kids in your family raises a lot of concern. Parents are often found confused on whether to allow their kids to have access to digital devices like mobile phones and iPad. Having said that, no matter how you look at it, technology definitely has some great advantages in improving your […]

Webinar Email Invitation Best Practices – 12 Killer Tips

webinar email invitation

Webinars are everywhere. Be it be a corporate house or a small business entity. Learn about Webinar Email Invitation best practices. Since this tool (webinar) is giving great ROI and positive results, there is a sudden influx of business house trying to advertise their upcoming webinar very aggressively. This means your webinar invitation needs to stand […]

Best video editing app for android – 2018

best video editor for android

Check out best video editing app for android to create outstanding video for friends, business & family. Create videos with amazing video effects, awesome titles, audio tracks, and mind blowing animations. Do you have a loads of travel videos which you captured on your favorite DSLR or mobile phone and want to share it with […]