Fastest Method to Add all friends to Facebook Group Guide

Are you looking for a quick method to add all friends to Facebook group ?  Have  you always wanted a trick to save time and add all friends to Facebook group with just a few click ? Have you tried and failed to ass all friends to Facebook group at once and still in hope that someday you will eventually you will find a solution to this.

If your answer is yes to any of the above question. I am delighted to let our readers know that this is the best possible tutorial available for you to learn how to add all friends to Facebook without getting blocked or banned from Facebook. While there are many articles available on the internet that claims to provide you with best way to invite friends in bulk to your Facebook group, however the fact is that unfortunately most of those tricks do not work anymore and some of them might even risk your account.

Just in case you did not know ( Chances are grim though ) Facebook Group in a simpler term is a kinf of community, within the Facebook social platform that shares a common interest or goal.

Facebook group is a great way to interact with a larger audience. Currently Facebook has over 1 billion Facebook groups which are in active status. Facebook groups can help you influence a lot of people without actually putting a lot of effort or money. Catering to such a huge audience gives you an opportunity to marketers  and bloggers like us who want to connect with prospects and also provide value to the group.

Add all friends to Facebook Group

Add all friends to Facebook Group

  1. Open Chrome Browser
  2. Install Facebook Group Invite  Chrome Extension from here
  3. After you are done with the installation, open your Facebook Group Friends Invite Window
  4. Simply Click on the button on the top right side of your browser menu.
  5. That is it, all your friends will be automatically added to your Facebook  Group.

Although we have shared this trick with you, we would like to inform you that using any method to add bulk member into your Facebook will eventually means risking your account. At some point , your account maybe blocked or even deactivated.

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