How to add custom domain to blogspot – Blogger Tutorial

Learn how to add custom domain to blogspot or blogger account

With our easy to understand step by step tutorial using custom domain is a cakewalk

Blogspot blogs are very popular and the very reason that it runs on Google’s own server makes it even more reliable and trustworthy. The ease of creating as well operating a blog makes it the first choice for every new blogger and the power and functionality for Google technology and solid performance makes it a preferred choice for pro bloggers.

Several thousand blogspot blogs are created every minute and hundreds of such blogger are making money from these free blogs to make a living. Blogger blogs are completely  free and are as fast as any paid hosting. The features they provide on their blogging cms is enough to create a decent blog. You can even customize it with themes, widgets etc. to suit your personal preference.  Ok lets focus on  “How to add custom domain to blogspot” without going offtopic.

Before I provide you with the detailed instruction on how to add custom domain to blogspot, here are the things that you would :

  • A Top Level domain Name which you want to use
  • A Blogspot Blog which you want to add custom domain to blogspot

If you do not Top level domain name, you can buy one any of the domain registrar. Google also allows to buy domain from them during blogspot registration and if you opt that then you do not have worry about any kind of setup. Its all done automatically. However if buy or have already bought a domain from other registrar like Godaddy or NameCheap etc , read further to understand how to setup custom domain on blogspot to make it work without any issue.

Step 1 – BlogSpot  Settings


Go to blogger dashboard. Click on the blog you want to add custom domain to  should take to your blog overview page. Click on settings as shown in the image 1A. Upon Clicking settings it should open the basic setting section, click the hyper link where it says “+Set up third-party URL for your blog” as show in our help image.

Now you should able to see a form section where you should be able to write down your custom domain. Always remember to add www prefix in that field. If you do not add www to your domain , blogger will thrown an immediate error of naked domain not allowed. So for example , if your custom domain name is, you should write Hit Save button.

Ok dont panic when you see en error message that says “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain”. We are on the right track.


Ok google by now should have provided you with the Cname alias and destination details which we will now add to our domain name. This needs to be done at the domain registrar website. In this tutorial we will Godaddy domain registrar as godaddy is one of the largest domain seller. Having said if you use some other domain registrar, the method is more or less the same , maybe some different navigation to reach a certain DNS settings page.

Step 2 – Domain DNS Settings

Do not close the blogger page , we still some data from that page  to set up DNS. Now lets move on to Godaddy our domain registrar and head over to DNS Management Control Panel


Add the two Cname ( Alias ) exactly as shown on your blogger setting page , the first cname is common for anyone who wants to set up a custom domain name with blogger while the second one is unique to each blog. Always copy paste to avoid any typographical error. Save the changes you made to the DNS for your domain and wait for while. Even though domain registrars state that it takes anywhere between 1 hour to 4 hour for dns changes to take effect, however it usually a lot faster these days.

Now go back to blogger page we had left open and click on Save and this time it should now throw the error it showed earlier . If it does wait for a while for the DNS to propagate. After the successful DNS propagation you should be able to see an option to redirect naked domain to . This must be enabled or non www will be not work and you dont want to look like a fool. ( As shown in the link below )

blogspot custom domain setup
You are All Set.
Now your custom domain is all ready to be used with your blogger blog.  However in some cases you may find that the non www domain url is not working and there is an easy fix to that as well . Just add the following four A records into Doman DNS host  which points to 4 different Google’s IP address .

If that doesnt fix your non www issue, you can also add domain forwarding in Godaddy Domain to .

I hope this article about add custom domain to blogspot had helped you use your own custom domain on blogger. Let us know if you need any tips about blogger.

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