7 Proven Advantages of Attending Webinar

Before we talk about Advantages of Attending Webinar , lets give our readers a brief introduction about webinars first.

What is webinar ?

Webinar is often referred by various term like web meeting, webcast, online meeting, virtual meeting and so on. In nutshell, webinar is a online version of seminar. Webinar can have only few participants or even thousands of attendees. Webinar are interactive video session which can be either live or pre-recorded session which is transmitted through internet.

You can use webinars in various different ways these days, but it is always helpful to understand some of the basics about online webinars so you can have a clear about these webinar and can figure out if it might be beneficial for your business.

Webinar allows interactive live session which may also consist of questionnaire and polls too. Webinars are mostly used in sales & marketing, education, as well as HR training.


Advantages of Attending Webinar

Convenience – Webinar has all the benefits of seminar topped with a lot convenience to you. You can attend a webinar at the ease of of your home or office.  You don’t have to worry about your schedule, so even if you are travelling , you can attend the webinar when you are on vacation since all we need is internet enabled device.

Interact with Experts – Webinar are usually very target oriented and niche based. Majority of these webinar are hosted by industry leaders and in joined by experts. This gives you enough exposure as an webinar attendee. Engagement with these experts will give you an extra edge over others.

Clear your doubts –  Live interactive webinar allows you to ask specific questions, and the speaker will look into your queries and address them accordingly. It is almost like a one-to-one session even though you are sitting several thousands miles away at the home or office.

Affordability –  Another Advantages of Attending Webinar is that you do not have to spend any money  to join and interact in a webinar. Most popular webinars are free to join, however there are a few who do charge an affordable registration charge to avoid miss-use.

Learn from Others – Webinar is a live interactive session which allows each and every participant to counter question and also gather vital knowledge from other people’s opinion. This is huge and can make a lot of difference. Sometimes asking the right question is the key to master any topic, your fellow webinar attendees might just do that for you.

Networking – Attending webinar allow you to network with great minds. You will learn tricks and stuff beyond what is usually taught in a book or college. Networking with like -minded people will help you learn the art of business and get a deep understanding of how to handle various situations.

Time Management : In today’s world time is money. One of the greatest advantage of webinar is that it saves you a lot of time as compared to conventional seminar or meetings. You do not need to go anywhere and still actively participate in the webinar. There is no travelling, no venue .

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