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Last updated on December 15th, 2016 at 02:14 pm

affiliate tracking softwareAre you looking for a powerful affiliate tracking software, that is feature rich and reliable ? Are you someone who is confused on Affiliate Tracking Software  would suit your business ? Have you wondering which is the best affiliate management software that does not cost a fortune ?   Have you ever wondered which affiliate tracking software does the top online entrepreneur use to manage their fleet of affiliates ?

If your scenario is even remotely similar to any of the common query mentioned above, we can confidently say that this article will do a lot of good for you and even for your business. In this particular blog post we will share with you, the world’s best Affiliate Tracking Software. We would also discuss the benefits of using affiliate management software to grow your business and also bring those all important sales.

With all the buzz about  startups and eCommerce business, we are lucky to live in an era where some og the best online business focus on affiliates to improve their online presence. it is no more a secret that Affiliate marketing is a sure-shot method to increase product awareness and increase sales volume . Big business house like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc have make affiliate marketing an integral and primary part of their online marketing strategy.

Without much ado, lets meet the very best affiliate management software that is available for you to integrate into your business and have a army of experts online marketers promoting your product to the whole world.

Top 3 Affiliate Tracking Software

  • IDEVAFF can be termed as “gold standard” in affiliate tracking software. It has shown the world how to create an affiliate management  software that is feature rich yet very easy to use  without compromising on security or data accuracy. iDevAffiliate is an ready to use affiliate software , commission management suite, which offers its users easy to configure commission payout structures, marketing templates that really works, detailed activity reporting, eCommerce shopping cart as well secure billing integrations and much more.  This Affiliate Tracking Software provides comprehensive tracking tools for both vendors as well as affiliates, along with flexible pricing. You can either own the software or you can lease it.
  • POSTAFFPRO  is the affiliate software of choice of thousands of serious businesses since it offers unlimited tiers and direct links. This Affiliate Tracking Software is easy to install and use and you can literally start within minutes. Post Affiliate Pro is one of the most flexible affiliate management system on the market that is highly customization. Post Affiliate Pro ( also known as PAP ) is highly expandable so if any of you need additional functions, you may add them using easy plugins. With PAP, your affiliate links are secure and also are SEO-friendly.  Post Affiliate Pro allows its users to customize the link format to suit their business choice. Post Affiliate Pro uses an intelligent combination of Flash cookies, basic cookies, as well as IP address for tracking affiliate referrals. This affiliate tracking technology, pioneered by Post Affiliate Pro team, is by far, the most reliable and sophisticated tracking method available till date. To summarize , Post Affiliate Pro manages your entire affiliate program in every aspect except the actual financial transactions. However, all major payment processors and ecommrce carts can be easily integrated with Post Affiliate Pro with just a few clicks.
  • OSIAFFILIATE  is affiliate tracking and management software that was developed with the idea to make the affiliate marketing business easy for both merchant as well as the affiliates. OSI Affiliate Tracking Software helps you get more genuine traffic, prospective clients and customers by making it easy to set up an affiliate and referral marketing program without spending a lot of money. OSIAFFILIATE also has free trial version , which you could use to test drive this affiliate management software and figure out if it suits your need. Omnistar affiliate program certainly has room for improvement as far as their support department is concerned , although they claim to respond to all your queries within 24 hours.

We hope this article has given you enough insights about the best Affiliate Tracking Software for your business. If you feel that we have missed out on any of the affiliate management software that should have found a place in this list, do leave a comment.

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