Biggest APP Promotion Site List- Best ways to Market an APP

Last updated on October 19th, 2016 at 06:49 pm

Are you looking for a verified APP Promotion Site List which you can use to promote your app ? Are you in search of APP Promotion Site List to gather maximum positive reviews and improve your app rating ? Are you someone who wants to to submit their app and is in need to a good app promotion site list, with a hope to increase your app install statistics ? Are you wondering how to get genuine review for you mobile app from reputed websites to increase your App Popularity ?

If any of the scenario is similar to yours, then you are in luck, because in this particular article we will share in details about all the most popular APP promotion sites and also discuss why one should use these methods as marketing tricks effectively.

While you may find similar blog post that claim to provide you with the best information about app promotion site list, unfortunately most of them are either unverified or have stopped accepting new app submission. But you do not have to worry, since we have done all the mundane task for you to filter out all non working or defunct websites.

Why use APP Promotion Site List ?

  • Helps you create brand value
  • Genuine publicity for your application
  • Does not pose any risk or penalty
  • Gives you an ability to create quality backlinks for your application
  • Generate massive traffic for your Google Play APP or Iphone APP
  • Easily increase number of installs for your APP
  • Helps you get Global Exposure
  • Build online reputation and improve your search engine visibility
  • Gradual and natural performance increase rather than overnight jump.


Now that you know, how important it is to use these app promotion sites to your advantage, lets meet the top app submission websites.

app promotion site list

We do verify the sites once every month, however such website change their submission policy at their will. If you find any such non -working website, please comment below  and help us keep the app submission site list fresh and updated.


We also hope that app developers, companies and entrepreneurs will find this article about app review sites beneficial and we expect them to make the most of this.

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