Top 3 Apps to Download Youtube Videos

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:06 pm

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site available on the internet. In 2006, Google bought this website and its services and since then this has developed into one of the most visited website in the world. If you are a smartphone user it is obvious that you want to download YouTube videos on your Android Phone and watch it at a later stage or whenever you want to. It is not possible to have access to internet all the time on your phone for various reason. It also does cost a lot  of bandwidth  if you want to watch YouTube Video through internet. The most convenient and economical way is to download and save YouTube Video on your android phone and watch it offline, without worrying about hefty mobile-data bills. When you watch video from a downloaded video of YouTube, your viewing experience is also enhanced because you do not have to deal with annoying advertisement and video buffering.


While there are hundreds and thousands of Apps on the internet that boasts of having the capability to download YouTube video, surprisingly only few works. This can be really frustrating to spend hours just to find out which of those really works. It is recommended to use You Tube DownLoader for android while you are connected to WiFi to avoid mobile data charges. Some mobile network do charge exorbitantly for Data.

Get Official YouTube App to Download YouTubeVideos

These days most of the android phones comes pre-installed with Official YouTube app along with many other unnecessary Bloatware. However not many are aware that YouTube Official Android App does allow its user to download their favourite YouTube videos for watching at a later stage even when you are not connected to internet. The positive of using this app above others is that this app is very stable and reliable and it is absolutely free of any advertisement. On testing this app we found this works absolutely fine on Lollipop and latest  Android marshmallow too. This Official Android App by Google does has the features to convert YouTube videos into other formats. Another downside is that if you use this Android app to Download YouTube Videos, you have to watch it from within the YouTube App. What this means that you cannot use your favourite video player like VLC player to watch these downloaded YouTube Videos. Official Youtube app does not allow you to transfer your downloaded video to another device. If you can’t see the option to download video for offline viewing in your YouTube Android APP, please update your APP and start downloading YouTube videos in no time.

Install TubeMate App to Download YouTube Videos

Tubemate is a very popular and well known name among android users. This has been one of the most downloaded app on Google Play Store before it was taken off. TubeMate is compatible with Kitkat, Lollipop and marshmallow too. The Developer of Tubemate is actively releasing updates to keep this amazing YouTube Downloader app bug free and work with the latest changes that are made to the YouTube site periodically. There are many sources to download TubeMate App but I would strongly recommend that you download it only from official download sources. To be able to use apps from outside Google Play , you must enable ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ in your phone settings. You may get a warning which you can easily ignore and continue with the installation. This app is absolutely safe and clean and has been tested by thousands of users for years. TubeMate allows you to store the download videos on SD card, so you never run out of space on your Android Handset. TubeMate allows you to download your favourite Youtube Video in various format and quality. You can save the format in small 3gp format or even 1080p HD format. Tubemate also allows you to convert videos into mp3. TubeMate has an intelligent inbuilt download engine which is very fast and splits file into concurrent download for really fast download. Tubemate also has resume facility for broken or incomplete download. You can pause and resume at your convenience without having to download it all again.

Get WonTube App to Download YouTube Videos

Wontube is the newest addition to our list of safe and tested app to download YouTube Videos on Android which is becoming popular among video lovers who want to download Youtube videos on their android phones and tablets. We tested wontube on Kitkat,lolipop and Marshmallow. It worked fairly well except that it did crashed randomly on Marshmallow. We tried to contact the developer so we can submit a bug report to make this easier in the next update, we are yet to hear from the developer though. Apart from crash issues with Marshmallow, this Youtube video downloader works fairly well. This app surprisingly uses very less memory and is certainly not a battery drainer. We tested the Download speed using Wontube and the speed at which it was able to download a movie trailer was pretty much decent if not better than TubeMate. Just like Tubemate or any other third party App, you must enable the to option to allow installation from Unknown Sources. This is ofcourse a one-time setting.

We did it. Now Start Enjoying Youtube Videos Anytime, Anywhere.

I believe that we have done justice to the list of Top 3 Apps to Download Youtube Videos for Android Phone. If you feel that we have missed out of a app that YOU believe should be included here, please do not hesitate to use the comment to let us know and we will surely review it and I feel that it deserves a place here in out Top 3 Apps to Download Youtube Videos then I would be more happy to update our Top Picks.

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  1. Yes TubeMate is a great app. I used it and had a great experience with that. I tried to get that kind of downloader and downloaded. I highly recommend Tube Mate

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