10 country participation for cricket world cup will make this summer season more hot.

New Zealand
South Africa
Sri Lanka
West Indies

1England vs South Africa30 May 2019
2West Indies vs Pakistan31 May 2019
3New Zealand vs Sri Lanka01 June 2019
4Afghanistan vs Australia01 June 2019
5South Africa vs Bangladesh02 June 2019
6England vs Pakistan03 June 2019
7Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka04 June 2019
8South Africa vs India05 June 2019
9Bangladesh vs New Zealand05 June 2019
10Australia vs West Indies06 June 2019
11Pakistan vs Sri Lanka07 June 2019
12England vs Bangladesh08 June 2019
13Afghanistan vs New Zealand08 June 2019
14India vs Australia09 June 2019
15South Africa vs West Indies10 June 2019
16Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka11 June 2019
17Australia vs Pakistan12 June 2019
18India vs New Zealand13 June 2019
19England vs West Indies14 June 2019
20Sri Lanka v Australia15 June 2019
21South Africa vs Afghanistan15 June 2019
22India vs Pakistan16 June 2019
23West Indies vs Bangladesh17 June 2019
24England vs Afghanistan18 June 2019
25New Zealand vs South Africa19 June 2019
26Australia vs Bangladesh20 June 2019
27England vs Sri Lanka21 June 2019
28India vs Afghanistan22 June 2019
29West Indies vs New Zealand22 June 2019
30Pakistan vs South Africa23 June 2019
31Bangladesh vs Afghanistan24 June 2019
32England vs Australia25 June 2019
33New Zealand vs Pakistan26 June 2019
34West Indies vs India27 June 2019
35Sri Lanka vs South Africa28 June 2019
36Pakistan vs Afghanistan29 June 2019
37New Zealand vs Australia29 June 2019
38England vs India30 June 2019
39Sri Lanka vs West Indies01 July 2019
40Bangladesh vs India02 July 2019
41England vs New Zealand03 July 2019
42Afghanistan vs West Indies04 July 2019
43Pakistan vs Bangladesh05 July 2019
44Sri Lanka vs India06 July 2019
45Australia vs South Africa06 July 2019


                                  SEMI – FINAL

1st Semi-final                                        2nd Semi-final
TBC vs TBC                                            TBC vs TBC
09 July 2019                                         11 July 2019


1st Semi-Final Winner
2nd Semi-Final Winner

14 July 2019

Hidemyass trial free – Truth Revealed

Hi friends, if you are looking for hidemyass trial free then you are at the right place. After an extensive and thorough research we decided to put this article for our readers  about Hidemyass trial free truth.

hidemyass trial freeFree trials are great, and we all want to test drive products before we put our money on it. HideMyass is a world class tested and proven which does not rely on test-drive or free-demo concept. A few years ago, HideMyAss used to give its user a HideMyass trial free version for 7 days, however due to abuse and change in policy, they decided to  get away with HideMyass trial free account.

Hidemyass free trial download was very popular while it was available for general public, and gradually this VPN proxy software gained immense popularity and became the first choice for anyone who wants a safe and secure VPN software that does exactly what it claims.

HideMyAss free trial version account worked both on mac as well as windows OS so more and more people wanted to try the free hidemyass trial version. However the real truth is , there is NO free hidemyass pro vpn trial available for download.

Be careful, if anyone is trying to trap you by claiming that they would provide you with  hidemyass trial version. There is simply no such version. A word of caution for our readers, never ever download anything outside the official site of hidemyass. If you download anything from unknown sites, you may risk yourself of getting infected with virus and malware, that could potentially harm your computer.



You can get as much as 43% discount on regular price, if you choose your plan wisely. This is the biggest hidemyass discount available for anyone.

If you are new to VPN and proxy, here are some of the basic information shared below. Consider this as a knowledge-base .

What is the Core use of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

# Hide yourself for what you do on internet.
( These days so many companies or organisations are ready to pay for browsing log history to make a data base which are filter by interests and personal information of a end user )

# Keep yourself safe from those who deliberately eyes on you.
( Its necessary to be aware of internet theft from anarchy while you do make any financial transaction, shopping, online money transfer or booking your tour package)

# Help to keep you safe while using Wi-Fi, even in public.
( Its really great that Free Wi-Fi internet access is available in public whether you are in hotel or airport or trains or beaches, but Are they secured ? )

# Privacy, which is your basic right.
(Privacy is a basic fundamental right for everyone, until you are not doing anything which is illegal)

VPN create a shield for safe transaction.  Top VPN, those who are holding major share of VPN service industries are no more free stuffs. Behind the scene they invest in huge sum to build world class infrastructure. Free VPNs are not secure, they won’t guarantee you for your privacy will maintain, in other words they are not safe.

Why do experts use Hidemyass ?

More than a decade Hidemyass has provided VPN services with world class standards. They have their servers installed in more than 280 locations which are situated in over 190 countries around the world. So you can use diversified Ips. Privax Ltd. is the parent company of HIDEMYASS. As per experts hidemyass is one the top existing software for which Hidemyass team do hard work 24/7, to make Hidemyass VPN unbeatable in the industry.  Hidemyass gives you 30 days money back policy. So you don’t need to search for hidemyass trial account. Lets assume you are going for hidemyass trial and after some days you are not willing to continue with hidemyass trial version then you can apply for money back before 30 days.

Hidemyass provides VPN service for all your gadgets like computers, laptops, tabs, smart phones. So go for hidemyass for safe shopping and enjoy this festive season.

Top 3 WordPress coming soon landing Page

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:37 am

Wordpress coming soon landing Page

Are you planning to use a wordpress coming soon landing Page to let the world be prepared for your website official launch ? Are you confused whether wordpress coming soon landing Page can affect your SEO Ranking later on ?  Do you want to revamp your website completely but do not want to go offline completely?  Are you in dilemma as to which Wordpress coming soon landing Page will suit your website best ?

If any of these scenarios are similar to the one you are currently facing, then it is best to continue reading this article further. Here we will discuss about the best Wordpress coming soon landing Page and its benefits in details.

What is Wordpress Coming Soon Landing Page ?

In the web marketing world, you know just how essential it is to create a brand value for your product/service or website as a whole.  Wordpress coming soon landing Page is basically a webpage where your visitors arrive and  get a specific information about your website launch . These kind of Wordpress coming soon landing Page is also referred as wordpress under construction theme. WordPress coming soon landing Page gives a clear signal to the online world that something new and awesome will be launched soon. Such WP Landing page  theme consists of a single webpage which also provides a teaser about your product. Some of the best Wordpress coming soon landing Page intelligently collect user email and build their own mailing list even before the website launch.

Benefits of Wordpress coming soon landing Page ?

  1. Better Brand Value
  2. Capture Leads
  3. Gives a professional look and feel to your website
  4. Easy to Manage and Setup
  5. Creates a sense of excitement over the Website Launch
  6. Allows you to give special discount and early bird promos for those who subscribe before the launch.
  7. Get a clear picture of  website or product demand even before the real launch.
  8. Built relationship with your visitors.
  9. Great for pre-selling campaigns
  10. Leave great impression to your prospects

Without much ado, lets introduce you to the world’s very best Wordpress coming soon landing Page list.

#Verso WP Coming Soon Theme  – Verko is a WordPress coming soon theme that focused on Marketing your website even before it is launched  with its state of the art landing pages template that encourage visitors to build relationship


#Verde WordPress Coming Soon Plugin –  One of the most popular choice of fast and easy to set up theme if you want a nice looking coming soon webpage. Verde comes with an extremely powerful yet user friendly control panel that lets you change the look of your website with just a few clicks. This WP coming soon theme is fully responsive , this makes sure that your website works fine on all major device.


#LaunchKit WordPress Theme – This WP theme is aptly named as Launchkit. It is a complete landing page package with unmatched potential and marketing appeal. This theme can help you launch your next service or product in a very professional manner with clear and balanced information  which ic strategically placed on the website to give you the best results.



How to Download Paid Apps For Free iOS Without JailBreaking

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:40 am

How to Download Paid Apps For Free iOS Tips

Are you searching for a working method to Download Paid Apps For Free iOS ? Do you want enjoy premium paid apps without spending any money ? Do you want to download paid apps from Apple store without actually making any payment ? Have you ever wondered how others are enjoying paid apps without ever paying for any of those applications or premium games ?

If your answer is YES to any of the above question, you have come to the right place. In this article we will provide you with easy to understand guide to help you download apps for free iOS. Free Apps are always great , aren’t they ? But JailBreaking your iPhone or iPad voids your warranty also puts you at higher risk of infecting your iOS device with malware. Would it not be super awesome to be able download and install paid apps for free without the need to jailbreak your iPhone ?

During my recent webinar at KM International School, many of those curious students asked me if there was a way to Download Paid Apps For Free iOS. This really got me interested in this topic and I further digged to see what are the best and safe options for us to learn how to Download Paid Apps For Free iOS.

How to Download Paid Apps For Free iOS Tutorial

how to download paid apps for free ios

  1. Go to FAF Website using your Mobile Safari browser in your iPhone or iPad or any other iOS device.
  2. Tap on  Get Started
  3. Tap  When are you Prompted  to Install temporary secure file , which later on gets deleted once installation process is complete
  4. If asked to prove if you are human, complete the recaptcha form
  5. Start Earning points by downloading sponsored apps
  6. Use the earned points to Download Paid Apps For Free
  7. Enjoy Unlimited Fun

If you follow the instruction as mentioned , you would be able to download your favorite paid app for free, without much effort.  If you are  aware of any other method that is better than the one we shared with you guys, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Squid Proxy Alternative – A Faster, secure and Reliable Option

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:44 am

squid proxy alternative

Welcome reader,  are you here to find the best squid proxy alternative ? Are you one of those existing customer of private proxy services who is not satisfied and is looking for a decent squid proxy alternative which does not cost a fortune.Are you confused with multiple squid proxy alternative and unsure which one should you choose ?

If you a have a similar query like the ones mentioned above, we are glad to tell you that you have come to the right place. In this great article, we will discuss specifically about the best squid proxy available in the market these days.
We will also talk about why quite a large number of squid proxy users are switching to other premium private proxies providers.

Back in the early days of its inception a couple of years back, Squid Proxy was a great resource for your proxy needs. With time many things change , some in good way while for the rest it is the other way. If you have a quick look on the online space, you will find many negative feedback and rants from Squid Proxies users. While we are not in a position to verify the authenticity of any of those complaints or feedback, we however do get a general perception that something is just not right with Squid Proxy.
Let us look into some of the most common issues with Squid Proxies

  1. Extremely slow proxy. Internet activity and downloads affects badly.
  2. Poor after sales support. Issues takes days to get resolved, which can be frustrating at times
  3. Does not provide you with a wide range of proxies.
  4. Private proxies provided to you are not globally diversified.
  5. Proxy IP’s allotted to you more often than not , heavily abused and are labelled as spam
  6. While you pay for Premium private proxy, the performance is no better than shared private proxy.
  7. Allegation of overselling
  8. Limitation on changing allotted IP each month
  9. Limited device compatibility. Users are having a hard time to use these premium proxy on Ipad and Android devices
  10. Price of Squid Private proxies are on the higher side as compared to other competitors.

We understand that there could be several other reason which made squid proxies users to look for other alternatives but we have tried our best to list the most common ones that internet marketer have faced over the years.

Now, that we are laid down the possible issues with squid proxies, let us share with our readers  why HMA is one of the best ever squid proxy alternative one could get.

–> GET HMA proxy Free TRIAL

Why HMA is the leader among the proxy service provider ?

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. Unmatched customer support
  3. Very Affordable
  4. High Performance premium proxies
  5. Compatible with all your favorites devices including iPhone, Tablets , PC etc
  6. OS independent works flawlessly on Windows, Linux, Android etc
  7. Highly Secure servers , so all your data transmission are 100% safe.
  8. Over 11,5000 IP address to choose from.
  9. Strategically picked server location spread across 220 countries.
  10. HMA also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously.


There is indeed a long list of  amazing features that makes HMA undoubtedly  the largest and most preferred proxy provider in the world, but I think you as a reader should try it yourself to experience the magic of HMA.  Click here to try HMA at no cost , no risk.

How to Find Expired Tumblr blogs – Smart Link Portfolio

Last updated on December 8th, 2016 at 07:28 am

So you want to harness the power of expired Tumblr blogs  ? Are you having difficulty in finding expired web 2 domains ? Are you a Seo Agency or Link builder who wants to find expired tumblr blog to improve his search engine ranking ? Are you wondering if having backlinks on Expired Tumblr blogs would benefit your money site ‘s ranking ?  Have you ever thought how these some seo link builders are selling high DA and PA web 2 domains ?
Expired Tumblr blogs

If your answer is YES to any of the above question , then you are definitely at the best possible place to gather the most accurate and updated information about how to find Expired Tumblr blogs. In this particular article we will also discuss about the importance of web 2 expired domains and learn the tricks of finding  expired web 2 domains on the popular web 2 platforms like blogger/blogspot , weebly and  many more.

While there are a couple of ways to find Expired Tumblr blogs, the easiest and the fastest way to do so is to use a couple of free and paid tools.  The first thing you will need is a Search Engine Scraper and in this tutorial we will use ScrapeBox.

Step by Step Guide to find Expired Tumblr blogs

  1. Find appropriate footprint for your web 2 platform. For tumblr you can use site:tumblr.com
  2. Open Scrapebox and your keyword list in the keyword section. If you do not have you own keyword list you can use one from here
  3. Use Custom keyword and Use the one shared in Step -1 .
  4. It is advised to use Proxy when scraping to avoid temporary blocking of your IP once you reach the  limit. There are some great Proxy providers these days and if you are unsure which one to use , you can the one that has worked great for us.
  5. Let it run overnight and and you could see several thousand scrapped tumblr blogs.
  6. Now it is time to filter your list and sanitise it. First thing you need to do is remove URLS “not containing” the world tumblr. Next is trim the URL to domain root. Remember scrapebox treats subdomain as unique domain. Finally Use the remove duplicate domains option and you now have the unique tumblr blog list.  Save to text file.
  7. Now the next and important step is to find Expired Tumblr blogs, which were previously registered with tumblr but have been deactivated for whatever reason. To do so, you need to use the free addon “Vanity Name Checker” . Load the harvested URL in Vanity name checker and select only  tumblr as web 2 platform. Let it run through your list. You can now see the list of subdomains / Keyword  that are available for registration.
  8. Additionally you can use Domain Authority free addon from scrapebox to check DA and PA of these expired tumblr blog  and filter the one that has good DA and PA

P.S – The accuracy of this bulk checker is really awesome , but keep in mind that that certain names can never be registered, like the one that are banned or reserved.

Remove windows 10 update notification – GWX.exe Uninstall

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:41 am

Are you looking to remove Windows 10 update notification ? Do you want to learn what is GWX.exe ? Are you annoyed of that irritating notification icon that keeps reminding you to update to windows 10 ? Do you want to block Windows 10 upgrade notification and stick to your current OS of either Windows 7 or Windows 8 ?  Well you do not have to worry , we have some super easy solution for you which we will share in this Article.  Keep reading and you might learn some surprising facts about Windows 10.

What is  GWX.exe ?

Original GWX.exe is not a virus and is a component of Microsoft’s Windows 10 update program. It is an part of Microsoft’s aggressive advertising program to push windows 10 into computers running on windows 7 and Windows 8. It is usually located in c:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWX.exe and can vary depending in your installation .

Why one should avoid this automatic Windows 10 update ?

Ok we have to agree that Windows 10 has some amazing features, but to be honest for majority of PC users Windows 7 does the job just fine and the risk of upgrading to all new operating system just does seems to be worthwhile.

However, Microsoft has gone way beyond its usual means to almost force users to upgrade to Windows 10.  Microsoft’s GWX.exe is pretty much responsible for that tricky notification that can confuse even the tech savvy user and deceive them into upgrading to Windows 10.

The latest windows 10 update has changed its default behaviour where clicking the X button would cancel the automatic update to windows 10. What this means is if you are like most of us who are habitual to click on the button to dismiss the app, you are most likely to get trapped in this disguised notification and unknowingly get your OS upgraded to Windows 10. And don’t be surprised when your modem , printer and apps stop working with your latest windows 10. With no other option left, you have to waste your day finding ways to downgrade and roll back to your previous OS.

Remove windows 10 update notification method 

In this section we will tell you some really easy steps to remove windows 10 update notification. Learn how to quickly remove gwx.exe without  wasting any more time.

Remove windows 10 update notification instruction

  1. Download Steve Gibson’s never 10 application from here
  2. Click Disable Win10 Upgrade.
  3. You are done.

Remove windows 10 update notification

Never10 is safe . Using this little handy utility, even inexperienced PC users will be able to easily remove windows 10 update notification. Another fact that is worth mentioning is that no additional software is installed and one can even re-enable windows 10 update if  they want to in future.

How to Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing – Recover Lost Icon

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Are you wondering how to Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing issue ? Have you lost your notification icon and want to restore them back ? Are your notification taskbar icon grey out ?  Do you see your taskbar as transparent on ghosted and nothing happens when you click on them  ? Are you having hard time trying to learn how to recover lost taskbar icons for sound, network , power or one of your favourite application ?

If your question is similar to the ones I have mentioned above , then I have a good news for you guys. In this article we have answers to all your questions regarding lost or missing system tray icon. In this tutorial we will provide quick and super  easy  method  to Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing and get back all your notification icons.

Many people have asked me why this error occurs  and what can be done to ensure that notification icons do not disappear . The honest answer to this common question is that no real known cause has been identified so far, however people have reported that this could happen on if your registry is messed up or one of your newly installed program has screwed your  notification icons . Some users have also reported dead cmos battery being the hidden culprit behind this , although we do not have enough technical data to back this claim.

Step by Step Fix System Tray Taskbar Icon missing

  1. Ensure all drivers are updated. You can easily do that through windows device manager
  2. Connect to Internet
  3. Download  and CCleaner from here. It’s completely free and safe.
  4. Run CCleaner as administrator
  5. Check Tray Notification Cache as shown in the image below . Run Cleaner
  6. That’s about it. Simple and works on majority of SO including windows 7, windows 8 and widnows 10.

Taskbar Icon missing


There are manual methods to tweak the registry to fix issues where your notification icon disappear but not everyone is skilled enough or comfortable to play around with the registry , this is why we have come up with this super easy solution. Let us know if it helped you guys fix system tray Taskbar Icon missing.



Top 3 WordPress Real Estate Theme

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 11:44 am

Are you looking for the best wordpress real estate theme for your business ? Are you wondering which WordPress Real Estate Theme would be perfect to promote your online business  ? Are you a website designer looking for an amazing Wordpress Real Estate Theme for your client to use as a template ?

Well let me tell you guys that you are at the right place for all your Wordpress Real Estate Theme related stuffs. Int his article we will discuss in length about the best real estate themes for your wordpress blog.

Lets face it , as in any business a visually appealing and highly informative yet accurate website is a must for being able to be successful in the real estate business. The idea of building a real estate website is to showcase property that is available for rent or is up for sale.

Fortunately WordPress platform is perfect to build an real estate website because nowadays many wordpress themes have built in functions that is essential to run a real estate online website.

Real estate website is a special niche in the area of web development. The thing is that these real estate websites  requires some special functions like  displaying pricing, property type, Google map integration and so on , therefore  a generic or standard wordpress theme will not give you the functionality and power of a  real estate website. If you want to use a generic theme, then you will have to go through several custom code modification to make it work and feel like a real estate website which i personally feel is not a wise thing to do. Remember custom modification would mean  a lot of time and money involved which is why we always recommended our readers and followers to  use a wordpress theme that is specifically built for real estate website to save all the hassle .

WordPress Real Estate Theme helps you build an optimised real estate website that runs on wordpress platform . This combination allows your visitors to find  the properties they are looking for with just a few clicks , without you  going through any complex set-up and configuration procedure.

Without much ado, lets meet our top picks for world’s Best Wordpress Real Estate Theme .

wordpress real estate theme

Create the real estate website of your dreams using this Wp theme named as Oikia , its a a fantastic real estate WordPress theme that works flawlessly and setting this up is a breeze. You can literally start within minutes. No complex configuration at all.  Oikia’s advanced filtering engine will impress you to your heart which is further integrated with google map system . This WP theme is specially crafted to be 100% pixel crisp on all retina screens and is fully responsive so you can be assured that your website will look awesome no matter what device your visitor is using.  Click to download Oikia

wp real estate theme

Real Homes is a ultra premium WordPress theme exclusively  for real estate websites. It has a purpose oriented design which makes is very powerful and it also comes pre-loaded with tons of useful features which will help agents and brokers to expand their business with ease.  Download Real Homes WP Theme


WP Estate  V3 was originally developed for Real Estate agencies as well as independent agents , but following the addition of several amazing feature updates added since theme launch in 2013, this wordpress theme has come a long way and you can now even use it to build your very own real estate portal and furthermore allow verified users to submit properties listing for free or for a certain amount using safe and popular payment methods.  Click here to Download WP Estate 3