Top 3 Bad Seo Tactics You Should Stop Using Right Away

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:23 pm

bad seo tactics

Are you someone who is using outdated, in-effective seo tactics that do little or no good to your website ? Its not about the white, grey or blackhat methods. I am talking about the strategies that used to work in improving your to website ranking but over the period with recent search engine algorithm changes, have become obsolete. Remember bad seo tactics can really harm your website.

One thing I have always preached to my readers and students is that “time is money”. No matter what venture you carry on, this one simple thing will always come handy. Recently on popular seo forum  one of the so called moderator wrote a mini-guide for newbie , telling them what to do to gain better ranking. However it is quite evident that he probably copied the old how-to-guide from somewhere. Now this really pains me a lot to see reputed discussion members trying to score brownie points at the cost of spreading outdated information to newcomers who look upon you as a mentor. This is where it stuck my mind to stop the rumors and half baked information about seo techniques that works in 2015.

So the TOP 3 SEO TACTICS that don’t work effectively in 2015-2016 are as follows :

# USING PRESS RELEASE SUBMISSION – I have used the press release submission method in the past but was never a fan of this seo technique. This method is pretty simple and you could build many backlinks. The idea is to write a noteworthy press release and submit your news to publication sites with a linkback to your website . Not all PR sites allow anchor-text backlinks as well. Some Press release sites also allow distribution services  , which means your news will further be spread to a wider audience. However with recent changes in Google Search Algorithm, press release submission are no longer effective as it used to be. You may get some direct traffic but it would definitively not help you  improve your search engine ranking position. My observation is further vindicated by Matt Cutts in one of his blog post.

# RANDOM GUEST BLOGGING – If you are using guest blogging to method to gain backlinks in 2015-16, you should probably stop doing that right away if you dont want your site to be penalized by Google . Back in the days it was a great way to gain popularity and respect to guest blog on someone else’s website. Not only did it help you build a name and reputation on the web, it also gave you a very strong backlink . But all that is history now.  Backlinks from such press release websites are looked upon as more or less low quality spammy links. According to the Google Engineer who heads the Spam Team of Google  has mentioned that such kind of link building practice clearly violates Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. So you if one of those who waste time in random guest blogging, stop doing that right away.

# OVER OPTIMIZED ANCHOR TEXT –  Well let me tell you a little secret, never use same identical anchor text for your backlinks. Using diversified and sometimes just random anchor text is wise. Using same or similar anchor text for your backlink is plain stupidity.  So what exactly is over optimized anchor text ?  Well lets say someone wants  to rank his webpage for the phrase “best pizza in new york”  and it uses the anchor text best pizza in new york, this would be a classic case of over optimized anchor text.  Google has clearly warned all webmasters to avoid such link building practices at all cost. You can read more about this here. Google always advocates for natural link profile and hates websites which and artificially builds there link profile solely for the purpose of ranking in search engines.

I am sure this will help a lot of readers to actually put emphasis on creating great rich content for better user experience rather then spending your valuable time on outdated seo techniques.  And finally if you feel there is something I have missed out on this topic, do make sure to let me know. You surely know how to contact me right ? Now that you know that bad seo tactics can really ruin your website ranking on major search engien liek google, you better subscribe to our blog so that you are always on top of the latest seo practices that will help your increase your online presence and reputation.





7 Replies to “Top 3 Bad Seo Tactics You Should Stop Using Right Away”

  1. As per my research i think old methods do exist and also work, the difference lays between overloaded keywords and less competitive keywords.

  2. There is list of bad seo which affects badly on keywords

    * Non-related keyword
    * Unnecessarily press release
    * Article submission
    * Excessive automation
    * Less focus on other search engine

  3. I am amazed why not press release, free press release sites are great way to get backlinks. With out any effort , with just only 1 content piece you easily get like free 15 backlinks,

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