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Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 10:48 am

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If you are a webmaster, content writer, article marketing guy , blogger, or a search engine optimization expert, you probably must be familiar with Article Rewriter  software and tools and how it helps us grow your online business. I myself and perhaps you too must have seen Article rewriter software getting sold for as high as 100$ / month subscription. They are all great tools ( Not challenging that at all  ), but if you are some like me who does not want to spend a fortune for an article rewriter yet want to enjoy all the benefits of a top high quality article rewriter software posses.

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What do you want to see in YOUR “Best Article Rewriter Online” ?

  • Moderately priced ( I hate overpiced products )
  • Have In-house Developers and are active
  • Option to rewrite Articles in bulk automatically
  • OS Independent – Should Work on Windows, MC, unix.  (Online Version even better )
  • Allows you to create spin-ready articles
  • Should have flexible format options other than the standard {}
  • Quality Synonyms Database that makes sense
  • Supports Unlimited nested spinning
  • Ability to import your own synonyms
  • Must have multi-lingual thesaurus support
  • Phrase level synonyms and not just  single word synonyms
  • Automatic URL linking option
  • Ability to use the power of Token system ( #KEYWORDS# . %KEYWORDS% )
  • Option for Safe Word list ( Words that you would not want to spin at all  )
  • Must have an API  to improve the automation process and also better integration with third party software
  • Has a built -in search engine to find PLR articles for you based on your needs
  • Easy to operate user-interface
  • Has a knowledgeable staff to handle after-sales support
  • ability to automatically post to popular CMS like WordPress

You see its a long list of stuffs I want in MY best article rewriter, and YOU probably want them too. The Best Article Rewriter should be a complete suite for all my Article Marketing needs. No compromises here!

Big Question Now : Which Article Spinner has all the above features mentioned ?

Well this question has been asked me to several times through various mediums( Both offline as well as online ) although they all haev uised various terminology for their queries like ” What Article rewriter do you use ?, What according to you is the best article rewriter ?, Which Article spinner should I invest money in ?” and so on.  and to each of them my answer has been spot on and same for everyone. CP Article Rewriter has been my favorite for a long time now and it has all the features you would want in a Article Rewriting software. The best part is that they also have a free version which meets all the requirement of a small business.I have used no less than a dozen article rewriters over the years and the day i started using CP Article Rewriter it became an instant favorite tool of mine , which i use almost everyday.

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    1. Yes I have used besspinner and stil have a copy of it somewhere lying. CP Article Rewriter has a lot more better and stable. I love its intelligent synonyms .

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