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best wordpress webinar pluginIf you ever wish to run a webinar on your self hosted WordPress site, you will need a feature rich WordPress webinar plugin. Webinars are a great way to provide an interactive medium to communicate with your users, your students, prospective clients and share experience, as well as grow your business.

Webinars have been are very popular over the years. A modern webinar allows multiple participants to watch and interact in a HD live video stream. The host and participants of the webinar  can all ask questions , share opinion, live chat, and conference simultaneously which is almost as powerful a real life conference .

Webinars is a proven method of building brand name with an global audience and selling a service or product  online. Webinars are super easy to manage, affordable, highly efficient and also saves all of us time and money (You don’t have to travel to attend a webinar) .

The well-constructed webinar will make your product stand out ,generate leads that has a very high conversation rate, create a lasting impression. When we talk about webinars, one must not forget that the core of webinar is the ability to create meaningful dialogues between all participants and share valuable product information which they are interested in.

If the content of your webinar is good enough, then these webinars can fetch you much more business than those conventional email marketing and hosted videos on YouTube technique.  Webinar are known to give that much needed extra boost of professionalism to your brand and business.

Engagement with Webinar Participants  in a constrictive manner can always be fruitful , apart from building a trust, you will also be able to get genuine feedback, queries which will only help you make your product better and moreover understand the market demand.

But the real problem is to find the best WordPress webinar plugin that is easy to use and caters to your requirement. Affordability is something that needs to be considered when trying to figure out which is the best wordpress webinar plugin.


Is WebinarIgnition really the Best WordPress webinar plugin ?

Well this question has been asked several times on various platform. And in this section of the article, we will tell you why we firmly believe that WebinarIgnition is still the best WordPress Webinar plugin.

Here are some Outstanding WebinarIgnition features that make is the most powerful wordpress webinar plugin.

  • Easy to install wordpress webinar plugin. Works with all major wordpress theme
  • Does not break out your existing layout and design integration is equally easy
  • 1 click registration for attendee. Several built-in security to ensure only genuine participants join your webinar
  • Setting up Social integration is a breeze and works like magic.
  • Wonderful import-export feature lets you quickly use campaigns and list from other webinarignition install.
  •  Supports integration of 3rd party forms like leadpages. Making your landing page awesome is much easier now.
  • Block your time schedule using your favourite calendar . WebinarIgnition supports Google, Ical and even outlook calendar.
  • A dedicated control panel for you to manage your attendees, hosts, schedules, payments , questionnaires.
  • Advanced Email notification system, which you can use with any smtp service.
  • SMS Messaging addon is also available for those who want to notify their user on their mobile.
  • Easily access chat record in future to review your event and improve accordingly
  • Integration with third party live chat like LiveFyre. Pre-population of attendee’s name and email is automatic which gives a touch of professionalism..
  • Build attractive widgets to place registration block anywhere on the webpage.
  • Rapid action after sales support system to help you whenever you need them. They are knowledgeable too.
  • Indepth tutorial and online videos to learn how to easily use webinarignition
  • Highly Affordable and is a one-time payment. No need to worry about monthly recurring bills.

If you have reached this far, we are confident that atleast you will try this amazing piece of software and I can assure you that you wont be disappointed. If you want to dig further in to this topic, then you can also read our review on wordpress webinar plugin.


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