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Looking for BlogSpot Theme Detector ?

Ever wondered what blogger theme your competitor is using ?

blogspot theme detectorBlogspot is a very popular free blogging platform owned by Google. Blogspot changed the way people started blogging and since then it has revolutionised the blogging community. Blogspot is free and we are very hopeful that will will remain free for the rest of its life. Unlike other free webhost , which survive for a couple of years, blogspot blog service is here to stay.

Blogspot Blogs allows you to install your own theme or even modify the existing ones. There are few thousand blogspot theme and some of them are absolutely amazing. While majority of blogspot themes are absolutely free, a few of them are paid one.

A blogger theme or template allows webmaster to make their blog look visually appealing and unique.Adding logos to your blog can be done from right within the blog admin dashboard. Some template even allow blog owners to easily change color, background color and font size etc. One of the major reason why blogspot became so popular is the fact that it is so user friendly that even your grandma can use it.

Have you ever stumbled  upon a blogspot spot and isntantly fall in love with the theme it is using? Did you just wanted to use that theme on one of your blogspot blogs too ? While there is no official BlogSpot Theme Detector , in this article I will show you how to find out the name of theme of a blogspot blog in simle and easy steps.

  • With your Favourtie web browser go to the  Blogspot Blog which you want to use BlogSpot Theme Detector
  • View Page source once the Webpage has fully loaded.  For Chrome  and firefox Browser you can use CTRL + U and Mac users can use CTRL+Shift+U to easily view Webpage Source Code.
  • While you are on the Source Page , search for the following terms “Theme Name” , “Designer URL” , “Blogger Template Style” , “Blogger Theme” , “Author URI” and  “Theme URI”
  • In most cases you will be able to match one of the searched term and in that section you can easily find the name of the theme of template that blog is using.
  • Once you know the name of the blogger theme, you can easily search and download the blogspot theme and use if on your own blogger blogs.

This is a quick and easy solution for whoever is looking for BlogSpot Theme Detector. If you none of the those terms match , then it is most probably that either the blog owner is using a custom theme or using a heavily modified theme.




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