Blossom Blast Saga for Pc – Windows Edition

Looking to Play Blossom Blast Saga for Pc ?

blossom blast saga windows pcBlossom Blast Saga for Pc is a exciting game which you can play on your Laptop or Desktop PC. Blossom Blast Saga for Pc is developed by Kings,  the same gaming company which took the industry by storm  by their other games like Candy Crush saga and Farm Heroes Saga ( One of the most downloaded games on Google Play ). Blossom Blast Saga for Pc is an easy to play yet very addictive and challenging. This fantastic fun game is all about flowers. You link the flowers to build a beautiful garden of flowers. Link 3 or more buds of the same color to let them blossom and grow into beautiful flower.Take on this flower garden alone or challenge our friend to compete with you in this flower linking fun.

Blossom Blast Saga for Pc is completely free to download and play as much as you want, although they give you an option to buy extra lives and certain goodies through real money.

Blossom Blast Saga  has been downloaded more than 5 lakhs times and its popularity s growing at a very rapid pace. Just about everyone in school is talking about this game.  Some of the elements that we personally liked about Blossom Blast Saga for Pc Game is as follow :

  • Completely Free
  • Minimum Advertisement
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Upto 120 different levels to Keep you busy for a month or two .
  • 4 different and exciting  modes of game
  • Not a resource hogger. Uses PC memory intelligently .
  • Low End PC compatibility. Does not require dedicated graphic card etc.
  • Easy Access to leaderboard to keep an eye on top scorers and bets players

Why Play Blossom Blast Saga on PC instead of Mobile Phone ?

While there could be millions of reason for this, let me tell you some of the most common reason why someone would prefer to play this addictive Blossom Blast Saga game on PC rather than your Mobile.

  1. Better and Bigger Visuals
  2. Easy to play on a bigger screen
  3. Less strain to eyes
  4. A lot better hand and eye coordination using mouse and keypad
  5. Your mobile phone isnt good enough to play such games
  6. Your parents dont want you to buy you a smartphone yet
  7. Your phone does not have a Data Plan
  8. The Game lags on your phone while playing
  9. Dont have to worry about mobile battery charging at the middle of the game
  10. Your mobile phone gets heated when playing games.

Like I said there could be million other reasons and I am sure you have your own too. I wanted to let you readers know that many people do enjoy Blossom Blast Saga on PC and it not just you who wants to take this advantage.

Blossom Blast Saga for Pc Tutorial

  1. If you do not have any Android Emulator on your PC , download and Install Bluestack on your Windows laptop or desktop Pc. Bluestack is by far the most popular and widely used Android emulator that easily allows you to run any Android application or games on windows Operating system. Always download the installer  only from official website
  2. Open Bluestack and connect your Google Account with Google Play
  3. Download and Install Blossom Blast Saga from official Google website
  4. Enjoy playing Blossom Blast Saga , Challenge your friends to beat you now.
  5. Brag about your score 🙂

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