Directory Submission Websites List – Tested and Working

Are you looking for Directory Submission Websites or high pagerank directory submission list? Are you in search of a working directory submission list for seo purpose ? Are you looking for a verified list to use with your automatic directory submission tool to improve online visibility and seo ranking ?

Directory Submission WebsitesIf your answer is yes to any of the similar queries, you at the right place. In this article, we will share with you a complete , verified and working Directory Submission Websites List  for you to use anyway you want. However we do recommend not to use any  automatic directory submission tool and rather use the more conventional manual method rather than mass submission to these free  directory submission list.




Deep Link Directory List
Directory Odo
Royallinkup Free Website Link Directory
Dmoz Pakistan
Fenix Free Web Directory
Alabama Index
Computers Directory of North America
Idaho Internet Directory
Royalty Free Directory
Evolving Critic Business Web Directory
Web Directory One
Top Business Directory
PakRanks Web Directory
Directory Business Site
Jeitacave Web Directory
Internet Web Directory
Free Directory
Link Directory Listings
Directory Listings Now
Web Directory Sites
Robo Links Web Directory

What is directory submission ?

Directory submission is a process of you submitting your website details to online website directories. Usually the editors/ website owner of such online directories review the website before approving your submission. Most website do not allow deep link submission and some directories also ask for a nominal fees if you want to have a featured listing. Online directory submission for your business or website is a proven method to increase your popularity and search engine ranking. Directory submission is a slow and gradual process and takes time to show its positive effect on your seo ranking. There are many automated online web directory submission tool that allow you to submit your business website to several thousand blogs at once, however one must understand that quality of link you get are not much of use, since the software owners rarely update their Directory Submission Websites and the user is forced to use outdated , old and defunct web directories.

If you are someone who wants to use niche based list like directory submission sites canada, usa directory submission sites  or directory submission list uk , please subscribe to our feed since we would be posting those specific country based directory submission websites list very soon.


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    I am Ankita from Welfare Institutes an IT geek. This is such a nice article for directory submission. This blog is very useful for us.Thank you for the Information.

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