Easy Webinar Review | EasyWebinar Vs GotoMeeting

If you are searching for a detailed Easy Webinar review, read until end because in this exclusive article we will talk about Easy webinar in length and also reveal with our readers, what we feel about this webinar software and whether you can rely on easy webinar for your business.

easy webinar reviewEasy webinar is not just another webinar tool. It is a comprehensive next generation lead generation tool developed by Casey Zeman. Anything coming from the desk of Casey Zeman and his team must be tried at least once before writing it off.

Easy Webinar is a world class software that lets you to create automated webinar and live events. While there are many webinar software which allows you to do live webinars, Easy Webinar will help you do a lot more and that too with just a few easy clicks.

GotoWebinar was the industry leader as far as online webinar is concerned back in late 2004-2010 era. It taught the world, how online webinars can be used for your business. GotoWebinar started early as an video conference tool and later evolved into a online webinar tool that also have an mobile app which lets you join meetings in real time on the go. Over the years many key players jumped into this bandwagon to build a powerful feature rich online webinar software to break the monopoly of GotoMeeting. And all this competition has resulted in some really amazing webinar tools developed for public.


EasyWebinar Vs GotoMeeting

When choosing the product for your business, it is very important to list down your requirement and your usage. You must decide why you want to use a certain tool and if it is going to help your business grow or increase your efficiency. I have seen many webmasters and business owners buy tools just because some so called experts has mentioned how much money he made using some magical tool. Guys, always remember, what works for others may not work for you and never forget that your requirement and business goals maybe different from others. One way to find if a product’s effectiveness is to read online reviews.  If you are here, then you are probably interested in Easywebinar review or want to read an online comparison on easywebinar vs gotomeeting.

In our internal analysis, we reviewed both the products extensively and our team came to a conclusion that EasyWebinar should be the first choice of majority of users.

Why we recommend EasyWebinar ?

  • Super Easy to use
  • Robust and solid product which does not require frequent updates.
  • Rapid response after sales support, who are not only friendly but also intelligent enough to solve your issues promptly.
  • Native integration with email responders and email marketing tools
  • Self hosted with full control over your business and online events
  • No limit on the number of webinar participants. Enjoy and make use of unlimited event registration support
  • Pre-recorded streaming at live events allows you do all the hard-work well before the real event and just let it stream as if you are sitting right there.
  • Fully responsive webinar registration and event page so that users can access it from any of their favorite device.
  • Built in Social integration that also allows users incentives and special pass for social actions
  • Built in chat and also supports popular third party instant live chat like Facebook, livefyre, twitter etc.
  • Highly Affordable and worth every penny. Backed up by solid 30 days money back refund policy.

I hope this article on Easy Webinar Review has put you in the right direction to choose between Easy Webinar and GotoMeeting. While you may find many Easy webinar Review on the web, but unfortunately most such articles are either inspired from other have other hidden agendas. Our Easy Webinar Review is backed in real analysis and teamwork of our internal team.

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  1. Webinar is the latest technology for conducting and meeting over the internet. it very easy and helpful for those people who do not attend the meeting due to some reason. Nice blog on Webinar. Thank you to clear my doubt about webinar.

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