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In this Digital Age, having kids in your family raises a lot of concern. Parents are often found confused on whether to allow their kids to have access to digital devices like mobile phones and iPad. Having said that, no matter how you look at it, technology definitely has some great advantages in improving your kid’s intelligence.

The matter of fact is that, sometimes, with the help of technology, one can create a fictional world or scenario. Subtraction or multiplication might still seem boring to kids even if they’re written in colorful pens. But if upon each correct subtraction, you reach the next level in a game or is awarded with more fuel in your car game, then it is more likely to be fun for the kids, while educating and improving their skill.

Parents are worried about kids getting glued to touchscreen or virtual internet. There is a lot to visualize and learn in this real world, make real friends and experience nature and so on. Parents should ideally balance in out and give kids access to latest technology as well as outdoor activity to enrich their learning experience.

Education apps for kids is very popular among parents because it lets their child learn new things in fun mode. Using educational apps will allow the kids to engage in interactive mode and also have a better motor skills as well as hand eye co-ordination.

Advantages of Educational apps for Kids

  • Enhances classroom performance – Educational apps allow improve your academic skills by polishing your subject specific queries
  • Portability- Can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Your kids can still learn even while you are holidaying.
  • Mobile apps for kids incorporate a wide range of attractive, interactive activities. The children are glued to small activities such as crossword puzzles, spot the difference activity, world-building
  • Leisure Hours Utilization
  • Availability 24/7 – Unlike classroom, educational apps are available 24 X 7 , so you do not have to worry about schedules.
  • Eco-Friendly – No more paper usage and no more garbage. Everything is just through your device.
  • Track Your Children’s Progress – Educational apps for kids often have a built-in-report which allows you track your child’s progress.
  • Better Reading Comprehension – Educational apps enhances your kid’s reading ability and improve their vocabulary
  • Dynamic & Systematic – Educational apps for kids are built after years of research and in collaboration/guidance of popular school and educational experts. These educational apps for kids are designed to deliver education in a very systematic manner.
  • More cost-effective than textbooks – Educational apps for kids are usually free or are very nominally priced. It is often just a one-time payment and is meagre as compared to regular books or ebooks.

educational apps for kidsBelow you will find some of the best educational apps for kids which can improve your kid’s overall intelligence.



Top 3 Educational apps for kids – Android Device

  1. ABC Kids
  2. Kids Doodle
  3. PBS KIDS Video

 Top 3 Educational apps for kids – iOS Device

  1. Brainscape
  2. Math Motion
  3. Quizlet

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