EmailSpike Review – A New Dimension to Email Marketing

Last updated on July 27th, 2016 at 06:14 pm

emailspike reviewEmail is one of the legendary piece of interest history that is going to stay forever with us. If you are reading this blog post of mine, you probably have an email address of yours maybe more than one. Maybe you are one of those who have been using email since long and may have sent and received thousands of emails all these years. The truth is that for majority of us , Email has become an integral part of our life just like mobile phones .

Even though social media sites and instant apps have become the preferred choice of millions of internet user to communicate with friends and family, Email is still used by by business, education, personal and corporates and individuals atleast once a week. With the Internet spreading its footprint in our life so rapidly over the past few years, it is only a matter of time before each and every household in the world is connected through internet.Over 70% of all the people that use internet do send and receive email no less than once a day.

Online Email marketing is a classic form of direct marketing which uses digital medium distribute commercial or even fund-raising messages to a wide range of audience. Email marketing is proven to be good for business as well as individuals.

Email marketing has changed a lot over years, your mailbox is now more secure then ever. Like with any other aspect of internet, spam and unwanted advertisement and too much self promotion has made it pretty difficult for email marketers to make sure their email or newsletter does not lands up in your recipients junk folder. There are many solutions, tips, hacks and tutorial that would guide you to ensure your emails do end up in the mailbox. If done rightly Email marketing can boost your sales and brand value. One of the biggest challenge email marketer has to face these days is to male your recipient click and go to your website or webpage mentioned in your commercial email. Internet users are getting smarter these days and if you are an internet marketer you have to be really wise to give them something unique and interesting to entice to make that all important click.

Mark Thompson a well known Software developer himself wasn’t happy with his own CTR for the newsletter he sends to his subscribers. This really bothered Mark and the result is the birth of a product called EmailSpike.


EmailSpike is a award winning software which is a perfect blend of the two most powerful conversion boosting element of internet marketing.

EmailSpike allows you to insert high quality playable video directly into emails with just few clicks. Simply copy paste the code and you are good to go. EmailSpike also has an intelligent fall-back video wherever embedded video is not supported. With Email Spike one can easily increase your conversion by 200% , allowing you to grow your business without much effort and investment.

EmailSpike is a bundled software combo two most powerful email marketing app video spike and timer spike.

Convert Your Emails into CLICK MAGNETS

Some of the salient features that we love about EmailSpike :

  • Support for HTML5 Browser
  • Choose your Own Video Dimension
  • Easily embed Animated YouTube Video
  • No Installation
  • No third party Hosting
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Wide range of Translation Option
  • Professional looking Countdown timers
  • Works will all major email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and more
  • Quickly  create MP4 Video
  • Ability to have PowerPoint style Sliding video
  • Easily Generate Hosted GIF Images 
  • Looks equally awesome on all device including mobile, tabs and ipads.
  • and much more.

EmailSpike can be used with niche and works with any type of email marketing. No matter what your target audience is , no matter what age group your subscriber is , EmailSpike will help you improve your conversation rate dramatically. All of that done with just a couple of clicks.

Convert Your Emails into CLICK MAGNETS

Most email marketing software and script concentrate on delivery and reporting, EmailSpike is the first ever successful email marketing tool to concentrates on conversion aspect of your campaigns.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this unbiased EmailSpike Review. We tried our best to create this article on EmailSpike Review as informative and factual as possible.  I am very positive that after reading this EmailSpike Review, you would be in a better position to decide if buy EmailSpike Review . Experts says EmailSpike is a must have tool for all email marketers small or big .

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  1. Is email spike another product of Mark Thomspon ? I have used HeatMap product of his and it turned out to be one of my best investment.

    1. You are absolutely right one that . Mark Thompson really has set a very high standard when it comes to internet marketing product.

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