How to Factory Reset Laptop – Reinstall Factory OS

Last updated on August 21st, 2017 at 12:40 am

factory reset laptopLaptop is no more a luxury gadget. Laptops have become a part of our life, its an essential part of ones life these days.  Laptop is a great device to improve your productivity in various way and is also used as an entertainment gadget. Using the laptop over an period  can slow down your system drastically and can be frustrating at times. We all want our devices , be it be your mobile or laptop to work fast and perform the tasks without any hiccups or issues. If you are someone who regularly maintains your device , then is most cases, you wont ever need to do a factory reset for your laptop. Another common reason to go for Factory Reset Laptop is when you want to give away or sell off your laptop .

In this article, we will discuss and share with you easy step-by-step tutorial on how to factory reset your laptop and reinstall factory OS wherever available. There are different methods for different OS adn we will cover them all , so you must read the entire article to master the trick to factory reset laptop.


Windows 10 Factory Reset Laptop Method

Windows 10 has several user friendly features and one of them is this amazing factory reset option. Follow these simple steps to factory reset your laptop.

  1. Go to Settings on your Laptop. To do so you can also click on the gear icon from the start menu
  2. Now select “Updates and Settings”
  3. On the updates and settings screen, click on the recovery option which can be found on the left menu
  4. Here you will find Reset Option. Click on “Get Started” under the Reset section
  5. On this screen, you are presented with two option. One  option lets you keep your personal files and other one will erase everything. So depending on your requirement you can choose either of them.
  6. If you have selected “Remove Everything” in the previous step then you are again given with 2 options. The first one allows you to simply delete the files . This is great choice if you simply want to rest your PC to default state. The other option lets you delete files as well as wipe the  free space. This makes it almost impossible to recover the files and is recommended if you are planning to sell /giveaway your laptop to someone else.
  7. You will be prompted with a “warning” screen where you have to click NEXT and then Continue Button on the next screen.

Depending on your selection, it may take several minutes to reset your laptop and once done, it will restart your laptop automatically. Your laptop should now work as good as new without any junk files or additional software and apps.


Windows 8 Factory Reset Laptop Method

Windows 8 comes with two amazing feature which is named as refresh and reinstall. Using these features is pretty easy and the difference between these two is pretty self explanatory . The later will completely wipe all your data and reinstall the OS, while the refresh feature will simply remove additional apps.

  1. Go to Settings from Start Menu
  2. On the screen, click “Change PC Settings” and then select General from the Left Menu
  3. Now you are given a couple of option to just reset your existing windows or completely erase everything and reinstall Windows 8 automatically.
  4. Choose accordingly and click Get Started
  5. Let the process complete, it may take a while. If you have opted for refresh option a file is generated on the desktop which has the list of application that has been removed during the process.


Windows 7 Factory Reset Laptop Method

While Windows 7 and earlier version does not have a reset option but you can always use the system restore option to revert back to the original state of your laptop. Make sure you save your personal files , because once the restore process has started, you wont be able to recover any of if your recent files.

  1. Head over to Control Panel . And navigate to System Restore under System
  2. Click on System Restore and choose the very first restore point from the list
  3. The process will take a while to and once completed, it will reboot automatically.

You now have an Laptop that is as good as freshly installed Windows.

I hope this article might have helped you perform factory reset on all major Windows OS version.If you encounter any issue , feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to resolve your issue wherever possible.  My not so old article on webinarignition has been widely appreciated, so if you are done with your factory reset of your laptop, you may want to enjoy that article as well.