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Last updated on July 27th, 2016 at 06:01 pm

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So you are here to find a way to Fix Error 3914 ? Are you worried that your iPhone or Ipad is broke because you are unable to Fix Error 3914 on your apple device ? Are you looking for an easy and working fix for error 3914 for your iTunes that has gone bad suddenly ? If your answer is yes to any of the above query, you are at the right place:)
In this article we will talk and share with our readers an quick and easy solution to help you fix error 3914 without damaging your phone.

Most people encounter this kind of error while trying to downgrade or  restoring iOS on their device. This could either be a stock or even custom rom.

When do you get iTunes Error 3914 ?

iTunes Error 3914 usually happens when your iTunes is unable to communicate with Apple’s software update server and you get that dreaded 3914 messages. On some devices you may also get an error stating “this device isn‘t eligible for the requested build”.

How to Fix Error 3914 easily ?

There a couple of ways that you could possibly use to fix your iTunes error. All of these methods and solution are safe and verified , so you do not have worry at all.  You can either use tinyumbrella or you can also manually edit the host to let it connect with Cydia’s SHSH Caching Server.

Although you may want to downgrade your iOS but we would always recommend to use the most updated iOS official version to avoid any such issues. using official updated version also keeps your warranty intact. On some occasion using an old iTunes version on your PC or Mac can trigger such errors so it is advisable to use the most recent iTunes , which can be downloaded from here

Some people have reported that it was actually their firewall that was blocking its connection to the update server, so ensure that no security software on your PC or Mac is actually restricting access to update server.

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