Flipkart Affiliate Program – Scam or MoneyMaker ?

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:05 pm

Wondering  about Flipkart Affiliate Program ?

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Flipkart is an Indian E-commerce Website started by Bansal Brothers back in 2007. Flipkart initially was an online book store where Indians can purchase their favourite books. They saw some success with this project and convinced some big players to invest funds into the company. With the help of smart planning and massive investment, flikpart’s growth was beyond expectation. Flipkart’s decision to expand their niche beyond books paid off heavily and they started selling electronics , mobiles and computer and laptop accessories. Flipkart is business model is quite similar to that of Amazon website, they do not own or buy products from manufacturer, Instead they provide a online platform that facilitates the buyer and seller to do business. The customer service, warehouse, inventory , back-end , payment processing and even logistics is also handled by Flipkart. With some cutting edge technology and world class customer service, flipkart quickly became one of the most popular visited website in India.

As of now Flipkart has a very large product catalogue, which is not just limited to electronics or books, They now provide some of the best products for households, kitchen, large appliances, kids toys, cosmetics, movies and music dvd, furnitures, apparels for men and women, interiors , automotive spares and accessories. They recently started selling suzuki bikes and Mahindra cars. With each festive season, flipkart’s product catalogue is getting bigger and better than ever before.
Flipkart took the entire country by storm on their Big Billion Day by throwing in some unprecedented deals and discount which shocked not only the product manufacturers but also business beurea of India. Flipkart is known to be very aggressive with advertising campaigns, be it be online or offline. You can find some really flipkart billboards at the busiest spots of the town. Popular Tv Shows and Major Sports events are filled with Flipkart TV commercials. Flipkart really has spends a major junk of their profit in advertising and media coverage.

Flipkart-Affiliate-ProgramWith some recent churning at the top management level, flipkart has now some of the best brains in the industry globally. Flipkart operates from Bangalore, a technological hub in India but also has strategically placed warehouses around India for seamless logistic management.
Flipkart in their earlier days used to rely on third party logistics company like DTDC ( a major courier company in India ) to deliver products to their customers. But as they grew exponentially it was getting tough for them to maintain a high standard relying on third party delivery company, which forced them to launch they own logistic Service named as Ekart( I love that Brand Name). This really helped them improve the delivery of the products sold on flipkart at lightening speed across PAN India.
Flipkart’s USP is amazing and original products, super-easy refund and return policy,user-friendly customer service, highly knowledgeable & courteous staff and lightening speed product delivery. All that makes Flipkart and undisputed king as far as online store in India is concerned. It is definitely the first choice among Indians when it comes to online shopping in India.Not all great websites have an affiliate system that allow bloggers, web-masters and online users to make extra money promoting their products. Fortunately flipkart does have an affiliate system that works really well and gives a great opportunity to make some decent money without putting much of effort or time.

I am often asked about Flipkart Affiliate Program by my friends, peers, students and of course blog readers and I proudly tell all of them that with flipkart you can make some nice passive income if you are smart enough.

Commonly Asked  flipkart affiliate Program Questions

Who is eligible to join flipkart affiliate Program?
Anyone is free to join as long as you have a website . If you don’t have a website you can create a free blog at blogger or WordPress.

How much can I earn from flipkart Affiliate Program ?
You can earn upto 15% for all verified sales coming from your affiliate links. There are affiliate who makes more than 6 figures through Flipkart affiliate.

How much commission will I get if I join the flipkart affiliate program ?
Affiliate Commission varies with product category and it changes every month, check out the most updated Flipkart Affiliate Commission for this month

How do flipkart pays their affiliate members ?
Flipkart pays their affiliate through NEFT and E-Gift Voucher. You can redeem the gift voucher by purchasing products on Flipkart. There is a 20% TDS deduction for those who opt for EGV and 10% for those who go for NEFT bank transfer.

As an flipkart affiliate how can i track my performance and sales?
You can easily Track your performance through their affiliate dashboard. Although not the best but it still does the job to let you know which links works best for you and which does not.

Is flipkart affiliate a scam?
Flipkart is definitely not a scam by any means and has paid their affiliates on time , every time.

Is their a waiting before flipkart affiliate are paid?
Flipkart offers a 30 days refund policy to their buyers so yes there is a waiting period of 30 days before the commission in credited to your account.

What is the minimum payment threshold amount before you are paid?
The minimum payment threshold depends on the payment method you have chosen. If you have Chosen flipkart E-gift Voucher then the threshold is 250 INR. If you have opted for NEFT Bank Transfer, the minimum payment threshold is 1000 INR

How can I join the flipkart affiliate Program ?
Joining flipkart affiliate program is always a wise choice and and you do so by signing up here. It is absolutely free.

Do I need to have my own website to join  flipkart affiliate program?
Yes owning a website is mandatory for any flipkart affiliate and only verified sites under your account should be used to promote your affiliate links.

I am not an Indian, can I still join flipkart affiliate program?
Flipkart Affiliate Program is available only Indians.

I am not a soft ware programmer nor do i have much technical knowledge, can I still make money with this ?
As long as you are able to bring  in quality visitors through your affiliate links that converts well, you can easily make some money.


I have personally spend a lot of time browsing flipkart and have myself purchase hell lots of products from this online store. My shopping experience with them has been nothing but awesome. Earning as an flipkart affiliate has always been a fun way for me, whenever I purchased a product, I just had to shared  the same on my social media profile along with my affiliate links. If I found the interesting product or when flipkart runs exclusive sale (which they do quite often) I make sure I spread the word through my blogs and social networking sides. These simple efforts have yielded god and satisfactory results. I absolutely love how easy it is to earn money through flipkart affiliate system just by promoting some of the best product available in India. Of course it might not be the same for new comers how are yet to built there reputation online. there are many ways to earn money with flipkart affiliate program including but not limited to product reviews, profitable and targeted niche blogs, Social media campaigns. The possibilities are endless and it boils downs on your expectation, intellectual ability and efforts. Have in said that result may vary for each individual for obvious reasons.

If you have any question regarding  flipkart affiliate please feel free to ask me right away using our comment system. I would also love to here form fellow flipkart affiliate about their experience with one of the best online store in India.

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