Top 3 Free Public DNS Servers

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:40 am

Looking for Free Public ? Stop using compromised and unsecured DNS server provided by your ISP.  A perfect DNS can do wonders to your whole experience of browsing. After testing several Free Public DNS Servers , we have shortlisted the Top 3 Free Public DNS Servers that  could manage to pass our strict benchmark test.

We took several factors into consideration while deciding on the Best Free Public DNS Servers available for general users wordwide. From Latency , Low Time to Live, Load-balancing , shared caching,  DoS and amplification attacks protection we have thoroughly  tested it all.

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And the Top 3 Free Public DNS Servers are  ?

Google Public DNSGoogle Public DNS

Google developed their own free public dns in late 2009. Since their inception, their free public dns server has been widely accepted. Billions of users around the world use google public dns to improve their overall internet experience. If you want to use google public  dns, you can use their DNS Ip address and During our test, we found google public dns perfomance extremely superior. It’s a no frill free public dns.

Open DNS

Open DNS

Founded in 2006  by David Ulevitch, its was one of the most popular Free Public DNS Servers prior to Google launching their own free public DNS. Open DNS has some great feature like phishing protection, site filteration and parental control. They also have a couple of paid plan, which I guess we dont need to talk about on this  post. Use the following  DNS server to Use OPENDNS  and

Norton Free DNSNorton Free DNS

If you are dissatisfied by the services of Google and Open DNS, you can try Norton Public DNS and compare yourself . Norton is one of the leading company dealing with internet security and malware since decades. However you have to register to avail their free DNS services. Registration is free and easy . Norton Free DNS IP addresses are as follow : and


Go free your network of frustrating, intermittent Internet outages and make your Internet noticeably faster.

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