Top 3 Free VPN Proxy For Internet Freedom

Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:04 pm

free vpn proxyYou should protect your identity and data no matter where you are connecting from. No matter what is your browsing habit is, encrypting your data transfer is always a wise decision. VPN helps keep you safe from malicious and unsecured websites. It also helps you secure your details when you login to websites or enter personal information such as banking credentials. VPN stops unwanted and unauthorised snooping attempts . Your Privacy matters and you should do whatever it takes to protect your privacy. Enjoy uninterrupted and unrestricted internet with free VPN proxy.
What is VPN Proxy ?
Speaking in technical language VPN stands for ( Virtual Private Network) , technology that enables a computer or a device  like Android phone to connect to a private network to exchange data  securely .
What does VPN Proxy mean to YOU
A user from  India can access websites meant only for US visitors or can even watch Netflix movies meant for american viewers. VPN gives you the ability to spoof your real location and hide your real IP address. Similarly if you are travelling to a country like China which is considered to have numerous restriction and want to connect with your Facebook friends, a VPN service is what you need to connect to your favourite websites even if it is blocked  in that region.  You are a workaholic and spend a lot of time at your workplace where you are connected to your Office network, however the not so clever has blocked access to all websites except those whitelisted by the website. While this is a common scenario, but with the help of VPN you can access all your websites including personal mailbox like Gmail. Some local ISP are notorious at blocking all torrent traffic  so if you want to leverage the benefits of torrent file sharing then a free VPN proxy can get your job done. When you run VPN on your PC or device all your internet activity is routed through a different server , which makes your ISP’s internal filter and restriction pretty much useless.
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These days setting up a VPN service on your PC is a child’s play. Most VPN service provider have their own VPN client which is easy to install and operate. Generally most VPN’s will slow down your internet speed a bit, the free ones are considered to be have higher ping time because a lot many users concurrently connect to the same server resulting in server load. Having said that Free VPN Proxy are still a great solution to have safe, secure and unrestricted access to your favourite website without revealing your real identity or IP Address.
OK enough about Free VPN Proxy definition and usage, lets meet some of the best Free VPN Proxy providers available today :


#3 – OKAYFREEDOM – When you visit their website ,  you will immediately feel good about this. There are times when the visual of a website does not make feel confident enough to  download and install a software on your PC or device. But this website would immediately make you fall in love with its nice design . Looks decent and professional. The free version is ad supported to be  able to provide you with high quality free VPN services. OkayFreedom client is compatible with windows only. Okayfreedom allows 500MB data transfer with their free account . You can also get 100MB  as bonus for each people you refer to OkayFreedom. Okayfreedom is classic example minimalistic design and you can just download it without any registration and let it work for you without any configuration whatsoever. It just works automatically.

#2 – SPOTFLUX –  Spotflux, a new York Start-up, provides an extremely easy to use solution to remain anonymous as well as protect your security and privacy. Spotflux provides you with an easy to install VPN client that encrypts all your internet connection and also changes your ip address. This Free VPN Proxy has a unique feature  which scans  several million real time algorithm on their cloud server to eliminate malware and malicious trackers. Enjoy a safe and secure internet experience with SpotFlux. Spotflux is available for windows, android as well as Mac .

#1 – HOTSPOTSHIELD – Pretty much a synonym for Free Vpn Proxy. HotSpotshield is a product of AnchorFree , a US based Software company. This product has been around for several years and known to be stable and malware free. Hotspotfield provides clients for Windows, iOS  ,Mac and Android too. There is no restriction on bandwidth so this is really good of heavy users who download or watch a lot of videos online. We tested its performance and found it to be fairly good being a free VPN. Hotspotfield’s client has a clean and nice interface and it  does hide your real IP and gives you the freedom to access internet without any restriction or censorship.

We have done our best to compile and share with you the Top 3 Free VPN Proxy service providers, however if you feel that we havent done justice to this recommended list, feel free to use our comment system to tell us which VPN do you want to see in this list of top Free VPN proxy.

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