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Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 11:53 pm

free wiki listWiki bomber list is priceless. We have compiled wiki bomber list specifically for users who use WikiRobot. ALways try to build quality link over quantity. No matter what others say, never spam or build mass links if you want to rank well in search engine results consistently.

No matter what automated Wiki software you use, this Wiki Site list package will help you increase your SERP rankings on all major search Engines.
Wikis has always been tagged very authoritative and informative in the eyes of Google and other search Engines.Due to this fact, getting backlinks on such wiki sites are of great value.
Apart from its high value, its only wise to have a very varied and diversified backlinks portfolio. This not only ensures that you maintain a stable ranking, it also keeps your site safe from any penalisation

Some of the major wiki based platforms are mediawiki, wakaWiki and Tikiwiki. There are some not so popular wiki based platform , however I am not going to discuss about them on this post. If you go through my other post, you might be able guess more on this.

Build your own WiKiList in minutes

Update : Stop don’t build links on the same sites which thousand others are also using .

Instead Try GSA Search Engine Ranker.
This SEO Link Building tool will automatically find wiki sites for you and build thousands of wiki links for you.
Download your free 5 day copy. Test Drive GSA and see why it is recommended by us.

This Wiki Bomber List contains thousands of wiki based sites. Wiki sites heavily rely of community based content. Most Wiki sites maintain a very high quality of information, so if you can add some value to such websites and in return get a nice backlink to your site, its a win-win for both.

Remember wiki sites are predominantly used for references and citation,so refrain from adding “commercial intent” content. Rather be as informative with references, this will give better results on wiki based sites. Majority of wiki based now do require registration before you can add or edit any content on their wiki sites. If you are using clyde’s wiki bomber or Wiki Dominator, you won’t have to worry much as both of these automated seo tools can handle registration and content posting quite effectively.

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  1. thanks for this great help, I hope this will definetly work for me. I m working to build backlins for more than a month and every effort goes worthless.

  2. I am giving away I am giving away 1000 wiki backlinks + ping service for free to 2 lucky warriors.
    This is for a limited time only.

    1. Ideally you should use it on your link it to your second tier backlinks. If your money site is established then you can use it on your money site as well.

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