Top 3 Free WordPress Travel Themes Download – Which one is Best ?

Are you the one who is looking for some cool amazing Free WordPress Travel Themes ? Are you an travel agent searching for the best WordPress Travel Themes to grow your business ? Are you a Travel enthusiast , who likes to share experience about the trips on your personal blog and wants to make it look more professional ? Are you a Website development agency looking to renovate your client’s travel blog to something more spectacular without spending money on wordpress theme ? Are you on a tight budget and do not want to invest in a premium wordpress travel theme but still want to have decent looking travel site on wordpress?

It is no more a secret that travel is a serious business in today’s world. The travel industry growing at a very rapid pace and is one of the largest industries with a global economic contribution of almost 8 trillion USD as per statistics. Interestingly the global travel industry as a whole, and the way in which consumers experience it nowadays, is changing so rapidly that it requires anyone dealing with travel blog to change their vision and provide accurate and helpful travel information to their readers. Gone are the days , where you could just lure travelers with some exciting pictures. Travelers and business now look for convenience, genuine user feedback, safety and a lot more.

So keeping that in mind, if you have a tourism or travel based wordpress blog, there’s a lot that needs to be taken care of and the first thing one must do is to ensure that your blog looks appealing aesthetically. Visualization has great impact on web users, so a right kind of color scheme for your wordpress travel blog is extremely important.

Fortunately we have some amazing theme developers who have done a great job at producing some serious awesome travel themes which you can download absolutely free.

Before we share with you the best free WordPress Travel Themes, let us give you an insights of what ingredients is required in a theme to qualify as an awesome wordpress travel theme.

Features of best free wordpress travel themes

  1. Ensure that the theme is developed by an WordPress Expert. Not every developer knows wordpress inside out.
  2. Check out the Update Change Log . This is to make sure that the developer is still actively making updating the theme to be compatible with wordpress updates.
  3. Check out the number of downloads and active install. This will give you an idea about how popular your website . A popular theme clearly indicates that it will not break your website.
  4. Your WP travel theme should be responsive. Your website must work flawlessly across multiple types of devices unlocking Mobile phones and tablets.
  5. Social Media Integration. Social media is free yet extremely powerful to give you that much needed exposure and quality traffic, so never miss out on that.
  6. Check out whether wordpress travel themes you have chosen loads fast enough ? Nobody likes website that takes a long time to load. Visitors are impatient and require immediate information.
  7. Your favorite and free wordpress travel themes should be cross browser compatible. Internet users prefer different browsers . Some prefer Mozilla Firefox, while many Use Chrome as their first choice and then there are still some percentage of web users who are loyal fans of Internet Explorer. So it is very important that you make sure your WP theme works fine on all major browsers.
  8. The real power of WordPress comes with plugin. Make sure your wordpress travel themes does not conflict with the must-have plugins.
  9. Clean and subtle design and layout. The last thing you want is to have a WordPress travel themes that is full of junk.
  10. Reasonable Support System. Remember free WordPress travel themes or any fer theme will have not have super fast support system. Just check if out support queries are responded and that they do not go unheard.

Our recommendation for Free WordPress Travel Themes


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