Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review Plus Download

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 05:30 pm

wp genesis framework downloadFind out if Genesis WordPress Theme Framework has the right ingredients to make it the perfect wordpress theme for your website . In this Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review we will discuss different aspect of Genesis WordPress Theme and try to understand why genesis it is the foundation of any smart and beautiful wordpress design.

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework empowers you to build powerful and stunning wordpress theme with ease. Whether you are a novice or an wordpress expert developer, you will find genesis framework extremely easy to use yet surprisingly very flexible and powerful. Lets just dig through some of the major aspects to figure out why more than 130,000 wordpress website owner love using Genesis WordPress Theme Framework.

  • Seo Optimized – Genesis WordPress Theme Framework is fine tuned to perfection to ensure google loves your website. Genesis WordPress Theme Framework is seo optimized by the pioneer of search engine optimization  industry Greg Boser. Genesis WordPress Theme Framework also supports  which ensure all the site’s micro data is readable by search engine which will enhance your site seo even further. With automatic update you can be assured that you will always be on top of the latest seo technology.
  • Responsive Turnkey Design – As a website owner you want your site to sleek and professional. Genesis WordPress Theme html5 compliant. Well anyone who doesn’t know what html5 is, let me just say that it is the latest coding standard. Genesis WordPress Theme is compatible with all major browser. Being HTML5 , it makes your site mobile-friendly and will work flawlessly no matter what device your visitor uses.
  • Child Theme Support – With Genesis WordPress Theme Framework you can instantly change the way your site looks like ina snap and that too without the need of any expert. You can do that own you own anytime you wish your want to just experiment with your site looks. The beauty of child theme is that none of your core functionality including seo and widget settings wont be lost, even on the case of future updates to your parent framework. Isn’t that pretty cool ?
  • Built-in Functions – Genesis WordPress Theme Framework has custom built in widgets for user profiles, featured post and featured pages widget and post experts as well. Genesis WordPress Theme Framework also allows you to use a different layout for each of your individual pages or post, now that is neat!. Genesis WordPress Theme Framework also have a built in e-news widget by which works out of the box with all the major email marketing software like Aweber, mailchimp etc.
  • Airtight Security  – If you use Genesis WordPress Theme Framework, you can be sure that your wordpress website is safe and secure from hackers. Core developer and security expert Mark Jaquith is responsible for the security of Genesis WordPress Theme Framework so you can be rest assured by his coding standards that hackers will only waste their time , trying to penetrate your site.


So ladies and gentleman if you have already read all the above , you must have figured out that how much we love  Genesis WordPress Theme Framework. It may look biased to many but if you know me even a bit, you should know that we don’t post reviews just for the sake of traffic or monetary benefits. Its all about sharing our honest opinion and views , so you can spend less time on deciding which wordpress theme is best for you and rather use your valuable time content creation.

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