godaddy wordpress hosting review 2015

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 10:07 am

Important! – Are you planning to buy godaddy wordpress hosting. You probably might have made a good choice or maybe it could be the worst purchase of your lifetime. Read my persoanl  and comprehensive godaddy wordpress hosting review

godaddy wordpress hosting review


Godaddy started their business in 1999 being a reseller of enom domain registrar. Godaddy is a big company and has been around over two decades but one thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of godaddy is their unethical business practice. They will never miss an opportunity to sell you rubbish and garbage( in tech lingo its called Upsell ) . A good product doesn’t to be upselled ever.

Godaddy is good  as being a domain registrar but when it comes to professional wordpress hosting, I have serious doubts. Webhosting is a very important aspect and you simply cannot compromise with it.  This very fact somewhat pushed me to write this article on godaddy wordpress hosting review

The very first thing i hate about godaddy is hwo difficult it is for  general user to manage its hosting. Godaddy uses its own hosting control instead of popular server management script like cpanel.  Godaddy hosting control panel is seriously very confusing, clumsy, poor navigation and it generally takes 10 times more time to execute simple hosting administrative tasks. During my tenure with godaddy hosting, the tech support’s response was not anywhere like the leaders in hosting industry. On an average they took anywhere between 48-50 hours to revert back. Its even worse that they do not have any instant chat support.  They support phone number is busy most of the time ( maybe they need to increase the number of guys providing telephonic support)

Well we all know that the Apple company makes great phone, but you all saw what happened to their Apple watch product line.  So todays lesson for you is to always go with the leaders . Godaddy is definitely not the leader when it comes to wordpress hosting.

Bonus Tip : Try WPHostEngine , they have been the leader when it comes to  premium wordpress hosting since 2010. You may even get lucky and they will migrate your entire wordpress site free of cost. And don’t be surprised when the wordpress experts at WPHostEngine, makes your website run lighting fast backed with solid 24X 7 security against all types malicious attempts.

Yet Another Tip : If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford WPHostEngine  but still want a world class hosting experience , do not think twice , just try HG-WordpressHost, I am more than sure that you won’t be disappointed.



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  1. I was looking to change my current host godaddy as their pricing is way to high as compared to what I get from them. based on your advice, I am going to switch to wpengine.


  2. Thanks for your input. That’s surprising that you were on hold for so long when your website went down. GoDaddy actually has a feature in which they’ll give you a call back if you don’t have the time to wait on hold, so you can try that next time if you face a long wait time.

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