Google finally warns users of Deceptive Contents

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 02:10 am

Safe Browser Warning

“Enough is Enough”. That is exactly what one of the bright mind At Google might have thought and decided to put an end to notorious and deceptive web content.  This a very smart decision by the Google Engineers to improve browsing experience and also enhance the browser security. Google Safe Browsing  project is already doing a wonderful job in weeding out dangerous websites that could potentially harm its users and this latest addition is another shining feather to their cap.

I believe all of us have been tricked at least  once  by some fake download buttons or play now button that lead us to another random site and did do what it exactly claimed to do . Google sees this as deceptive method to fool the web user and wants to clamps down on websites indulging in such malpractices.

Google tags such embedded content as deceptive social engineering ads. When is the last time you have seen those pesky annoying animated ads that scares you that you PC in infected with XYX virus. When was the last time you were mislead to click on and AD that claimed you to download certain Codec or Adobe Flash Updates to be able to play videos successfully ?

And most would answer my above question somewhere around this line : Not too long ago

Any deceptive content that looks pretends to look as if it is an integral part of the website action like “login” Button or even the ‘Sign Up” navigation Links but on-click instead  lands you to an external website is now  forbidden as per google’s safe browsing standards.

Here are some of the classic examples of the biggest offenders as far as Deceptive Advertisements is concerned :

Deceptive Ad Example 1

Deceptive Advertisement Sample

Fake Deceptive Warning Sample Ad

Deceptive Ads 5

Deceptive Ads 4

Deceptive Advertisement Sample 2

Enough examples to give you an idea about what google is trying to do and how they are working to protect you from unsafe websites  ?

If your own website ends up being flagged by google safe browser for deceptive advertisement, or any other type of social engineering ads, you can resolve the issue through Search Console and once you have removed the offending ad, you can request for security review under the security review tab. It normally takes no more that 3-4 days for review process.

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    1. Lol yeah. Unfortunately this is a bitter truth. I am sure google will clean their own shit, or maybe they are already working on that behind the scene.

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