Google Ranking can Disappear Overnite – You Can’t do a Shit

google ranking disappearAre you a WebMaster whose Google Search engine ranking has disappeared overnite ? Are you an Seo Agency whose client’s website has lost traffic dramatically ? Do you suddenly notice that you are not ranking for any of your top keywords ? Well the Bad news is that you could be hit by the latest Google Search Engine Exploit but the good news is that you are not alone. Several people have been affected by this. This latest Google Search Engine loophole has surfaced around early March 2016 and with each passing day this is affecting more websites. I am one those poor fellow 🙂

What is this Latest Google Search Engine LoopHole ?

Well I don’t care whether you believe it is just a glitch, loophole or a serious bug. From whatever I have researched so far, my observation is as follow.

  • Spammers are hacking into random websites
  • Scrapping live contents from your websites and publishing them on hacked website ( We are not sure what methods are used to do so )
  • The duplicate webpages created on the hacked websites surprisingly hijacks all your Google ranking for every keyword for that specific webpage
  • Now hacked website ranks for all your keyword and their google web-cache page has our scrapped content.

I believe most of us spend countless hours to build popular content on our website and it takes only few hours or days for those spammers to completely take you out of business  ? I know it is  scary but is it what it is as of now.

Confused ? Well I was too , so let me try to explain it to you further with the help of some images.


As you can see the Page Title and Page Description is from our blog post , however the URL has been a different website which seems to be hacked. There are several users complaining about SERP Hijack and Google Ranking Disappear Overnite.

7 Big Questions that needs an Answer

  1. What can webmaster do to avoid such situation. Someone suggested to prevent hackers from unauthorized access, well that can only be possible for sites you own. You cannot control when hacker gets into any random website you don’t even own.
  2. Is google search engine safe enough for moms and kids ?
  3. Do webmasters need to report this if their website is affected ? If so , who do they contact ?
  4. Will Google officially come up with an explanation of what exactly is happening ?
  5. What loopholes did the spammers use you to exploit and mess with the Google search Engine Results ?
  6. When will this Google Search Engine Mess End ?
  7. Will affected sites get back their rankings which vanished all of a sudden due to this SERP Hijack ?

I am pretty much sure Google Engineers are working on this really hard to get this mess sorted out ASAP. Maybe an official word or two could bring peace into the mind of website owners. Silence can only lead to further confusion and rumors floating around the web.

More discussion on this subject can be found here :

6 Replies to “Google Ranking can Disappear Overnite – You Can’t do a Shit”

    1. do a on google for a couple of website that is linking to you. Do you see a huge number of indexed pages ? Also check for cached pages on some them.

  1. Unfortunately there is no preventive measure to safeguard your website from this serp Hijack. The disturbing fact is that this serious bug with Google Search engine surfaced almost 7 years ago and I can’t believe that 7 years is not enough to plug this loophole ? Time for google to hire some better brains ?

  2. I am frustrated. My site is badly screwed up. Some shithead managed to hijack many of my google ranking. Is there an end to this ?

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