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Last updated on November 17th, 2016 at 11:01 am

Looking for GSA search engine ranker discount coupon code?  You have come to the right place. GSA search Engine is by far the most advanced and stable automated seo tool out there. GSA search Engine came into existence in 2012 and since its birth, is has given very tough competition to other automated backlinking tool. GSA search engine ranker has everything you would want in a seo backlink creator tool. GSA will build backlinks for you 7 days a week, without any hiccups . One of the great capability of GSA search engine ranker is to find new targets for you where you can create quality backlink for your website.

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GSA search engine ranker discount coupon codeThanks to GSA team for giving us an oppurtunity to give our readers a chance to get GSA search engine ranker for a special price. This is by far the most effective GSA search engine ranker discount coupon code available anywhere on the internet.

The team behind GSA search engine ranker are very active and the developers keep adding some cool features every now and then which really makes GSA much better than other seo tools. This SEO software can build backlinks for you on hundreds of platform. It has never been so easy.

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114 Replies to “GSA Search Engine Ranker Discount Coupon Code”

  1. Wow you are ranking 1 for GSA Search Engine Ranker Discount. Keep up the good work. Guess google looks at you as some kind of authority ehh ?

    1. Indexer buy GSA relies on stat sites and with our past experience and it has not reached our quality benchmark. We here at scrapelink will only endorse products and services that we have personally used and tested and which we believe will be beneficial to fellow webmasters. Have you tried Indexification. It works great for us and has direct integration with GSA SER

  2. After searching about this product I finally decided to commit and buy from your link.
    Thanks for offering a good discount. It pays off, smaller commission, sell more, make more. Beautiful formula.

  3. I Love GSA, for me it’s the best Seo Software i never used before, i just publish on my blog a Free 250K Verified LinksList, Grab it and enjoy , put your GSA on steroid. Thanks for this awesome post.

  4. Hello Pritesh Sir

    I am gonna buy GSA SER today so if i do buy With your Affiliate link “can you give me something premium as a gift ” i know its weird but i am just curious Thxx , will mail you my purchase receipt or any detail you want to confirm my purchase


  5. Hi,

    Just bought under your link, is it possible to share some lights on how to get started the right way with GSA?

    Thanks for the discount code.

    1. Yes ofcourse. I wouldn’t endorse a product blindly without using it first hand. Let me know if you need any further assistance with GSA Search engine ranker

  6. @Pritesh Das
    Hi i just bought GSA from your discount link but i am facing this WTF issue from avangate they are asking me so many werid details to verify my purchase i bought this with spendon debit card. I do not know how to fix this shit issue can you please help me
    Thank you very much

    1. Avangate the payment processor of GSA, is a very renowned and popular payment gateway. Having said that, they have been known to be very strict and follow a very strict layer of security to protect them self as well as their vendors. I know a couple of guys who have faced similar issues. It may sound weird but there is no harm in answering those “weird details” , also a simple phone call to them can come handy. GSA is a product that you shouldn’t miss out on.

  7. Hiya Pritesh,
    I am just about to buy both GSA & Captcha breaker via your affiliate links…..can you offer me anything as an incentive? (just following the ‘liberty’ that someone a few above took).
    Maybe a link to some decent GSA training….. & a Scraper and/or someone that provides scraped URL’s lists maybe?
    Could you drop us an email?
    Cheers Bud!

  8. 2 Quick Q – If I use GSA with private proxies – is all the ‘work’ done using those IP addresses? – i.e. can I use the software on my own computer without ‘hiding’ my own IP address?
    I know a lot of people use the software within a VPS but am trying to suss if I really need to do that?

    Apart from Capture Breaker – what else do I need? (my business partner has scrapebox) & am not fussed about an indexer (don’t want to ‘force’ Google)….

    Cheers bud!

    1. Yes you can use the software on your own PC without hiding your IP. When you create backlinks it is advisable to use proxies. Using proxies will higher success rate. Also if you have a dynamic IP , you may not need proxies.
      You do not need anything more. I wouldn’t recommend GSA indexer either.

  9. Gonna order this morning & will let you know…..what about an ‘Email service’ ? i.e. for creating accounts etc – something you use or just go with the GSA standard?


        1. Youtube videos would your best assitant as of now. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

  10. Purchase GSA search engine ranker and CAPTCHA from your link many thanks. Happy to accept any extra items of interest you might have available to email to another of your customers! Warm regards.

    1. Good stuff Michael. Chek your email for the goodies. If you need further help with this amazing seo tool, let me know.

  11. Hi Pritesh,

    I’ve just purchased GSA SER with your affiliate link. I take it you have extra goodies for you customers?

    One quick question. What’s VPS and how does work?

    Please advice,

    1. Steven congratulation on your new GSA Search Engine Ranker purchase. VPS ( Virtual Private Server ).. you usually rent a PC which is much more powerful than your home pC. You connect to your VPS and use through RDP and use it as if you are sitting infront of it …and Install the softwares like GSA and run it through VPS. Some of the advantages is super fast internet connection, 24 X 7 uninterrupted remote PC , Unlimited Bandwidth and so on. Although VPS is not mandatory to run GSA SER, but it is recommended.

      1. Pritesh, so if I understand you correctly, with VPS I can run GSA SER without using my computer? What’s RDP? Is it provided by the VPS service?


        1. RDP is Remote Desktop connection. RDP is a component of Microsoft windows which allows you to connect two computers over a network or the Internet. Once connected, you’ll see the remote computer’s desktop as if you were sitting right in front of it.

  12. I Purchased both GSA Search engine ranker and Captcha Breaker from your link.
    it was pretty cool that i save almost $37.
    Thanks for the discount

    oh ya.. is every purchase through paypal get order status: pending?
    coz my order still pending. and how to complete it?


  13. Hey Pritesh just wanted to say thank you much for the discount man. I ordered thru your link the other night. I looked around and you have the best coupon I could find. And if you have any tips or what-not for the software would enjoy taking a look for sure.

    Thank you again for the discount. It really helped!

    1. Ricky good stuff. As it has not been long since you started playing with this Powerful Seo Tool, I would advise you to play around with as many features and functions you can. You can start with a Tier 2 website before you move forward and use this tool for your money site. As you play with this, I am sure you will come with many question… feel free to ask me anytime if you have any specific question.

      1. Thanks again.

        Got a few questions when you get the time.

        I am figuring out FootPrintFactory and got decent results with my first test. Have you used the built in footprintstudio with good results yet? I’m broke so looking for the free tools at the moment to build my own lists the best I can. I also saw santos footprint editor mentioned. Obliviously I will test all just wanted to see what your opinion was with the built in footprintstudio mainly.

        1. @Ricky – footprintstudio is a cool addon. I generally create my own footprints to weed out the possible bad sites. Just make sure you do not use any search operators like inurl, intitle and so on. Such Urls will ban your IP / proxy in no time. Just pick a handful of unique phrases and you will have solid footprint.

  14. Thanks for the discount. I’ve been using a lot of software for awhile now. But GSA seems to be the easiest to use and the most proficient in time used to set everything up! Way awesome. Do you have a discount for the Captcha software?

    1. @Griffith , first up, congratulation for your recent purchase of GSA Search Engine ranker. It is indeed a wonderful software. And Yes we do have exclusive discount for GSA Captcha Breaker as well. You can find the details here

  15. Hello Pritesh Sir

    I am gonna buy GSA SER Right now, so if i do buy With your Affiliate link “can you give me something premium as a gift ” i know its weird but i am just curious Thxx , will mail you my purchase receipt or any detail you want to confirm my purchase.

    any good working list of GSA etc

    it will be a great help sir.


  16. Hi,

    I am gonna buy GSA SER today so if i do buy With your Affiliate link “can you give me something premium as a gift ” can you offer me anything as an incentive?: Maybe a link to some decent GSA training & a Scraper / someone that provides scraped URL’s lists maybe…? I know its weird but i am just curious Thxx ,

    WIll mail you my purchase receipt or any detail you want to confirm my purchase



  17. i have buy gsa search engine ranker from your site and i have received activation key from avangate.. but i can active gsa with that serial key.. can you help me bro?

    1. Congratulation on your purchase of GSA Search Engine Ranker. Here are a few things you can check for and see if it resolves your issue.
      * check for white spaces in your license key.
      * Check if your name is non English. if yes then replace them with appropriate English alphabet
      * Run GSA Ser as administrator
      * Make sure your firewall is not blocking GSA SER to access internet.

  18. Pritesh Das if i buy through your link can you help me out with some descent proxies service or software, as i have a few software’s that scrape the net but they are not very good proxies thanks in advance.

  19. The best “working” gsa search engine ranker coupon. Thanks a lot. I love your business concept. It’sa win-win for all.

    1. I am glad you were able to get the best deal for GSA Search Engine ranker and GSa Captcha Breaker. We thrive to provide our readers with some exclusive discounts.

    1. I am so glad that you like our deals and business practice. We try to be as transparent as possible with our readers.

    1. Samia you have made a wise decision. Let me know if you need any sort of help with gsa search engine ranker

  20. I bought GSA Search Engine Ranker ($97) Captcha Breaker ($147) and Indexer ($10) in 2013.
    A few sites have ranked, since I used the programs mostly for ranking videos in YouTube and Google..

  21. Still working. I just purchased through your link. Thanks for the discount. I may get Captcha Breaker but I’m going to try it out first. I’ll use your discount code if I do.

  22. Helo,

    I tried to purchase GSA throug your site wit 15% discount.

    But I could not.When I tried to click checkout link It did not go to confirmatiom page.please help.

  23. hi! Great discount as always! Firstly i will go to gsa ser and then to cb..
    I have a question..
    1. How can we find Local sites to submit ( for seo purposes i think local sites are better)? With another tool? I want czech sites.. Can i use english articles and descriptions to them with success and not czech ones. thanks! Luke

    1. Yes I can confirm as well. This GSA SER coupon works . I clubbed this with gsa captcha breaker and got a nice deal.

    1. Thank you for your comment and we have updated the post and also rectified the discount details. GSA Team has capped the maximum discount one could give and thus it was reduced to 7%. It is still the best pricing you could get anywhere.

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