Gsa search engine ranker low success rate? TroubleShoot

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:08 am

Gsa search engine ranker low success rateYou don’t have to worry about Gsa search engine ranker low success rate.

As you finish reading this article, you will most probably figure out how to increase your GSA SER success rate

If you are here through google organic search, then you must be aware that GSA Search Engine Ranker is an amazing automated backlink software.Infact I consider it as a comprehensive package for building quality as well bulk backlinks. It really depends on the end user how they want to build their backlink portfolio.

It is often seen that webmasters GSA SER users complain that the software isn’t working as it claims to be, even though they failed to do the basic troubleshooting to figure out why they aren’t getting the desired results. I do get a couple of such emails every now and then inquiring about why their GSA SER campaign success rate is so low. Over the years , collaborating with various virtual assistant who work with GSA Search Engine ranker, has helped us pin down top 3 factors that seriously influence the Gsa search engine ranker low success rate

#1 –  IP Address – Proxy

If you aren’t using any proxy with GSA SER campaigns then chances are very high that your own IP address has been listed on spamhaus and other global spam database which eventually results poor success rate. Ok now if you are someone who uses proxies with GSA SER, then I think it is very smart of you to do so but you should make sure that your proxy provider provides you with fresh and un-spammed IPs.  To know which proxy is best for gsa search engine ranker, read our earlier post here. This is definitely one of the most important factor for Gsa search engine ranker low success rate

#2 – Computer – Server

Although you can use your personal PC for running GSA Search Engine Ranker but you will be missing the real power of  GSA Search Engine Ranker. It is quite common for a personal home internet connection to get down or slow at times. The home pc’s are not meant to be run 24 X 7 to be very honest. To harness the power of this automated backlink software, you must use a virtual server. Ensure that you use GSA SER compatibe VPS to avoid any kind of restriction

 #3 – Captcha Solver 

Captchas is a standard anit-bot measure used by most website owners to reduce automatic signs and submission. Anti-bot captchas are often one of the most common reason for Gsa search engine ranker low success rate. There are several captcha breaker that works with gsa search engine ranker, but you have to use a perfect combination to combat latest anti-bot measures and yield maximum success rate with GSA SER. The combination that works for us  and many others like us is GSA Captcha Breaker  along with CAPTRON. If you do a lot of automated link building then you must also checkout text captcha solver that works great with GSA Search Engine ranker. If you combine all three of these into your GSA SER, you will see great improvement in your success rate.

#4 – Verified List 

GSA SER is capable of automatic scrapping of target websites for your campaign, but you should use a verified list from a reliable private source if Gsa search engine ranker low success rate is really bothering you  . The success rate drops down drastically if the scrapped url or even a free public list has not been tested and verified. If you are purchasing a premium list, make sure the seller has a cap limitation to the number of copies. Or you can just hire a SMART VA for a measly $5 to scrap and create quality list for you.

6 Replies to “Gsa search engine ranker low success rate? TroubleShoot”

  1. I have to say that I have been through this and i was really fed up why i wasnt able to make the best use of gsa search engine ranker. I thoroughly read your tutorial and was able to find out the real cause. It was my damn stupid proxy which I thought were “premium and exclusive”. I switched to hidemyass and now my gsa ser campaigns have improved drastically. Thank you pritesh, you are the best when it comes to seo tools.

    1. Thanks Ernesto for your kind words but I am certainly not the best , but I do have years of experience that makes it easier for me to provide top quality information for my readers.

  2. Hi. I used GSA trial version for three days. I want to confirm if the backlinks I generated was successful. Do you know a method of make sure your links were truly submitted? please help..

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