Gsa Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

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GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial

The most comprehensive tutorial for the noobs as well as advanced players. 

Gsa Search Engine Ranker TutorialHello friends, I am sure you all have been waiting for this. I am often asked several questions related to GSA Search Engine ranker , right from the basics to advanced topics. there were times when it became really cumbersome and time consuming to respond to each emails or private messages. So the only way out to help GSA SER users without affecting my core business, was to create a nice , easy to read  yet very comprehensive Gsa search engine ranker tutorial for the benefit of GSA Search Engine Ranker users. I want  YOU to capitalize on the power and potential of GSA SER. I want you all to succeed in your IM journey.  SO here i present you with the unofficial Gsa search engine ranker tutorial

Can I run GSA Search Engine Ranker on 2 PC with just one licence ?
No you cannot. You can only run one instance of GSA Search Engine Ranker at once. Please support the developer ad buy additional licences if you want to run GSA Search Engine Ranker on multiple pic
I forgot my licence serial details. What now ?
Please check your registered email that was used to purchase GSA Search Engine Ranker. If unfortunately you do not have access to that email account, you can shoot a mail to info(at)
How do I print out the log?
You can right click on the message window and save to file.
Should I feel second "Description" box underneath the same box
Ideally Yes. But if you are lazy person like me, you can just copy the same text from the first description box.
Where to buy good emails for GSA?
Emails are very important for GSA to run smoothly and build links for you. It is an important factor which is often ignored. You can use Fiverr or any other reputed seller for bulk email accounts
What content generator do you use with GSA ?
I have used most of the content generators which are directly supported by GSA Search Engine Ranker. I like most of them, since each of the software have something unique for us. Having said that, I use Kontent Machine extensively. It's one of my favourite tool that i use almost everyday.
How can I Import Competitor's Baclinks ?
Create a text file ( Using notepad or any other text editor ) and put all your competitors backlink url there. One url in each new line.
Once you have the file ready, right click on the project --> Import target URLs --> Select the text file.
How to improve Article Directory success rate?
Article Marketing is a great way to build quality contextual backlinks. However there are certain things you should keep in mind with Article marketing. With Article link building you should always remember that poor quality article will result in lesser approval. Also on many such Article sites, submitted articles are manually approved by site editors or admins before they go live, so it may take some time before GSA can verify those links. It has also been noticed that using a personal domain email instead of free email yields better success rate.
Does GSA have any GSA tutorial in PDF ?
Yes sure. You download them from the following links
GSA User Manual
GSA Scripting Guide
GSA Macro Tutorial
GSA Search Engine Ranker not building any links ?
Most of us have great results with GSA Search Engine Ranker, so you need to find out the real cause, why you aren't getting satisfactory results from GSA Search Engine ranker. The most common reason why you can have dismal results are dead or blocked proxy, outdated or non-working list, bad email address and or lack of keywords to find new targets, It could even be a combination of all them.
How can I Disable Public Proxies ?

You can delete them and also uncheck all proxy providers in case you use search/test.
How can I disable Statistic and Whois Engine ?
Just disable the Fast Indexer Engine
How many links per day is Safe for Money Site ?
There is no Golden rule for this. There is a lot of factor that goes into this which includes but not limited to Domain age, site authority, Social presence, backlink profile history, type of backlinks you are trying to build and so on. You can find some good information on the same subject on the links below :

What are the recommended Engines for Tier 1 links ?
Again there is no golden rule and you should never follow the exact link portfolio of anyone. Having said that here is what I generally use for Tier 1 Link profile on GSA.
Web 2.0
Social Bookmark
Social Network
I want to build links only on English sites. Is it possible ?
Sure you can. Just use the project filter option for Country and language.
How can i Import my own verified list ?
Well there are several ways to accomplish this but i will show some easy way to do it.
You can copy and paste your verified folder to the default GSA SER verified folder or you can even change the location of your verified folder.
How do I remove the default target urls ?
Well you will have to uncheck web2 engine and also uncheck all search Engines under project option
I have found a bug. Is there a place to report it ?
Yes , just report your bugs here
Best practice to import target sites ?
Right click >> Import Target URLs >> Run project and verify them (verified urls will be saved in verified folder). This is the best option according to me. I don't want to waste time only to identify the engine. And moreover just because the platform is identified and compatible with Gsa ser, it doesn't assure you that GSA can successfully post to that target url. So eventually you will have to run them to see if GSa search Engine ranker can actually successfully post to that site.
I have several projects, How can I organise them ?
Your best bet would be to create Groups. To create a new group you need to right click on a project > modify project > move to group > new.
How can I add more bad words to GSA ?
You can edit the bad_words.dat file which is located in your GSA Installation folder or APPDATA folder. If you are having a tough time finding the file, you can just a search on your computer for the same.
How can I create link reports for my clients ?
YES. GSA Search Engine Ranker allows user to create link reports for themself as well as their clients. To create a nice and detailed report you need to Right Click On the Project --> Show Urls --> Verified --> Export > Select options based on your requirement.

I will create another part for GSA Search Engine ranker tutorial in coming days. If you do not find the answer to your queries related to GSA Search Engine Ranker, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email , and I will make sure your queries are answered as soon as possible.

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  1. Hey pritesh thank you for the wonderful tutorial. It has definitely helped me get started with this wonderful seo software. hope i will be able to rank my sites soon.

  2. Evening Pritesh,

    Excellent post, I noticed you have no tutorial on how to keep a clean properly filtered list so I decided to make that one on my own blog.

    As you can see, completing the process correctly can provide a massive 963% increase in Links Per Minute!

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