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Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 10:50 am

As this year comes close to an end, we have seen some remarkable piece of software development in SEO arena.
GSA Group , the team behind the development of Search Engine Ranker, has won several applauds and recongnition for creating something that can be termed as a great seo assistant.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download

Based on Avangate statistics, GSA Search Engine Ranker is one of the best-seller among 3000+ softwares and applications that are sold through their payment gateway. Now that is some milestone indeed. Most software reviewers and SEO”Gururs” thought it was just another “seo software” which would die in few months, but they failed miserably in their prediction. Remember any such software that deals with automation and search engine ranking needs to be updated on a regular basis. I have to give credit to “Sven” the lead developer of GSA Search Engine Ranker has stunned many big coder with his top notch regular updates and stable releases. GSA Search Engine Ranker is here to stay and give a stiff competition to most other similar automated backlink seo softwares. 3 years since its inception,GSA SER is still the choice of millions of Seo experts and Link builders.

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GSA SER works on most windows platforms including server edition. GSA Search Engine Ranker works tirelessly to build backlinks for your sites, based on the instruction and filter rules you set. A great quality of a true assistant indeed.
One great and unique feature of GSA Search Engine Ranker is that it will automatically find targeted relevant sites for you and create backlinks on them. All of this done absolutely with just a few clicks. Most automated softwares rely on platform list, now that is not good in my opinion. We don’t want every other guy to build links on same set of sites. If you use GSA as your seo tool, rest assured your backlink portfolio is going to be unique and very well diversified.


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103 Replies to “GSA Search Engine Ranker – Your Reliable SEO Assistant”

  1. Pritesh I would like to thank you for writing such a wonderful review about GSA Search Engine Ranker. Without this, I would have never known about such a powerful software.

    Lots of Love.

    1. What I love about GSA is the variability of use. I can use it for ranking youtube videos, articles, even websites.

      For websites however, I don’t build links straight to my site. Firstly, I build high quality links like blog posts, guest posts, … pointing to my site. Then I load up Magic Submitter and build quality tier 2 links that point to these blog posts. GSA comes as last tier (tier 2). GSA creates more spammy links than MS, so I wouldn’t use GSA for 2nd tier.

      1. Stuart the beauty of gsa search engine ranker is the wide variety of links you can automatically create .

  2. Nice review on GSA Search Engine. What are the supported sites that GSA Search Engine ranker can support ? Do you have a list ?


  3. i have brought samsung galaxy s5 duos and i shared it on Facebook, google plus account to analyse the quick response and i am shocked i have great response from google plus against facebook it means google plus have strong platform to work on what do you say?

    1. Its really hard to say whether G plus is more powerful than facebook. It actually depends on your own network of friends and groups.

    1. You are just being wise. Just one tool cannot help you in such a tough comeptition in search engine ranking. Its always good to mix n match combination of tools.

  4. Hey Pritesh I see you recommended VPS for running GSA efficiently. Do you know any reliable windows VPS provider for GSA Search Engine ranker ? Also what VPS specs do you recommend.

    Jason Dee

    1. Yes I always recommend VPS for every GSA search engine ranker to use this amazing software to its full potential. I have been using BHosting since last few months and they have not disappointed me so far. Anything with 2GB RAM should be good enough to run GSA smoothly.

  5. I need a quick review about GSA 1) how hard it is ? 2) do we need to buy captcha breaker ($147) after buying gsa on $99 to build mass link? 3) what other things i need to purchase to build about 8000 link per day? 5) do i need to purchase private proxies

    1. Hi santosh, GSA is not hard to use. If you want to build 8000 links / day you surely need some kind of captcha solver. It can be a third party solver or captcha breaker. I high decent VPS and proxies is “recommended” to build mass links. Also we have exclusive coupons that will bring down the cost considerably.

    1. I personally do not use indexer. I believe if the links are good enough they will be found naturally and if these links are useless, does it really matter whether they get found or not ?

    1. James you are comparing apple with an orange. Kontent machine is a content generator which generates contents scraping article sites. TheBestSpiner is used to generate spun content for any given article. What i do is plug in the TBS API into kontent machine.

  6. Sir I am new to Seo and link building. I remember you reviewed Ultimate Demon on another popular website in past. Do you still use and recommend Ultimate Demon ?

    1. Ultimate Demon is a great tool . But recently I have stopped using it , as GSA Search Engine ranker does all of it. It’s easier to organize and manage the campaigns when you are using just one tool.

  7. Before anything else, I would like to thank you for this wonderful GSA Search Engine Review. I just wanted to know if GSA SER could allow me to spread my submission across several days.

    1. Daniel, I hope you are doing good. And yes you can schedule and limit the submission across several days. I use this feature a lot.

    1. Well Seo is a Game. You may win, you may lose or you may even get banned. For the matter of fact, any artificial link building method may get you penalized if you don’t know what you are doing.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I have another quick question for you. Can I use GSA SER to build backlinks to my NON-English websites ?

  8. well finally i have managed to save sum cash to buy GSA Search Engine ranker , but i dont want to buy any captcha solving services or gsa captcha breaker, can i still have success with my ranking ?

    1. Biki you can ofcourse use GSA SER without any captcha services. Please keep in mind that if you plan to input the captchas manually , the amount of link you can build will be dependent on how many captchas you can solve manually.

  9. Why do I need to use proxy ? What is the purpose ? What if I buy proxies and then later decide on stopping my payment to proxy provider , will I lose links I created using those proxies ?

    1. Proxy is primarily used to hide your real ip. Additionally it will much higher success rate in building links and bypass anti-spam filters. And Anne you wont lose any links.

    1. John i have to agree with you , GSA SER is by far the most advanced and sophisticated automated link building software.

    1. The chances are very low for the current algorithm to detect spunned content. Do make sure to use kontentmachine and ContentProfessor.
      I create the spun content and assign a fiel name to each spun content and then in GSA SER use the folder to pick one random file containing my spun unique content.

  10. I downloaded the trial version of gsa search engine ranker but my i am unable to run it if I keep my avast antivirus on. Please guide.

  11. When I run a particular project it overloads my cpu. But it runs smoothing on other projects. Can you help ?

  12. Hey I managed to create few hundreds backlinks to my site using gsa search engine ranker. All cool and great so far. Thanks

    1. Shanice you use hotmail/outlook(dot)com emails . It has worked in most cases. You can also opt for gmails if you can find a provider who could ship you with verified gmail accs.

  13. I am using Gsa search engine ranker since a week only and what I noticed is that the number of verified links is lot less compared to the number of successfully submitted links.
    Am i missing something ?

    1. Julissa i see what you mean. If you are using engines that requires moderator/admin approval before the links goes public, you are bound to have low ratio for sure. Try using auto and instant link approval engines and you will see your verified link ratio is way too up.

    1. Yes absolutely GSA SER alone can help you rank on first page for medium and long tail keywords. Just follow our guides and tutorials and will be able to master GSA in no time.

    1. LPM is basically links per minute, well you can improve your starts depending on the platforms and engines you chose for link building.

    1. GSA SER is a beast. Most would agree with that if not all . Now since you made a wise decision to i will suggest that you spend some time at the official gsa search engine ranker forum. You can also go through the all important youtube videos posted by santos.

  14. Can I use deathbycaptcha with gsa search engine ranker ? For some reason I am not able to get the balance .

    1. Yes you can pretty much use all popular captcha services including deathbycaptcha. As for you patricia not getting the balance, i would guess that is could be a temporary glitch and if it persists then just check if some AV software is blocking access to deathbycaptcha servers.

  15. pritesh sir can you point me to some videos where i can learn how to use gsa search engine ranker fast and easily.

  16. Hi

    I am using GSA SER last 6 month. I got lot veryfied dofollow link. but still my keywords rank did not change. Means not any improvment. Can you guide me. how can improve ranking by gsa ser software.

    1. Jayesh you need to tell me a little more about your campaigns. Your keyword competition, your chosen engines and your link index ratio . I would love to help you have better ranking with Gsa ser.

  17. Hi Pritesh,

    I have a scrapebox & planning to buy GSA .But before that can you tell me how to use scrapebox & GSA together.It would be better if you could make a tutorial of it.Waiting for your response.Thanks

    1. Sandeep ideally you do not need scrapebox if you have GSA Search engine ranker. Gsa search engine ranker has a built in scraper and it will automatically find target sites for backlining based on your selected platforms/engines.

          1. Hi Pritesh i am getting one more error while setting up email verification setting in GSA.The error pops All failed- ERR authentication failed ….as i took hotmail email id with port 995 & POP3 server as & tick the ssl

          2. Sandeep are you able to login manually with the same credential using a browser ? Hotmails are getting a bit picky and often ask for a phone verification sooner or than it used to be. Also did you try the “find settings” under the pop 3 configuration in GSA ?

          3. Sandeep ,

            Yes GSA can help you rank your Youtube videos. Google is evolving and so does Youtube , things that used to work in YouTube SEO does nto work anymore . I will write a detailed article in this pretty soon. That will help you hopefully.

  18. I love your blog. I keep coming back to learn something new every time. Downloading gsa search engine ranker now

  19. I love it!!! your website is awesome , great content, one of the best website i have ever visited.It has very useful features and content.

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