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Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:23 am

gsa ser video tutorials

Yes that’s correct, here is the much awaited GSA SER Video Tutorials you guys have been waiting for. You would be surprised to know that everyday I receive queries regarding GSA Search Engine ranker even though i have already written a comprehensive article on GSA Search Engine ranker on this very blog a month ago or so.

Finally I figured out that GSA SER is used globally by people all around the world and is not limited to any specific demographics. I realized that English may not be the first language for many GSA SER users and that is where the problem arises. Looking for a way out to help such users, I finally came to a conclusion that GSA SER Video Tutorials and guides might probably help them master the art of running successful campaign using gsa search engine ranker. A special thanks to bill angelos for creating this wonderful videos for us.


GSA SER Intro and Basic Video Tutorial

GSA SER Tech Overview

GSA SER How to Set Up a Project

GSA SER Know how to optimize a Project

GSA SER – Cleaning and verifying your Links


Courtesy : dailymotion(dot)com

22 Replies to “GSA SER Video Tutorials and guides for All”

  1. Hi Pritesh,

    There is also option of index check i test my url’s to google i got all the url banned .. i have 839 verified links and after going through index check the outcome it show’s is 839 got banned.Pls tell me what is the issue how to recover from it…or am i doing it in a right way or not

    1. Chill. Your Backlinks are not Banned. Its your IP that is banned in google for running too many concurrent and repeated request to google server. Try using recommended GSA proxies.

      1. Thanks Pritesh Every time when i got your suggestion it help me alot..keep sharing your knowledge & experience with newbie like me….Coming back to your reply.I use proxies from buyproxies ..I have few questions

        1. Is this a warning or harm me future
        2.A s google server ban my IP so now i unable to post from those Proxies
        3. How to minimize this…issue as currently i am usin 10 semi dedicated proxies with 15-20 thread setting..Is there is anything that i need to setup correctly to prevent this..Thanks

        1. Hi sandeep,
          Proxies will keep banning , it happens with all automated software, nothing to worry about. You need ot find fresh proxies. Ask your proxy provider to switch your proxy . Are you using the same proxy for scrapping as well ?
          You learn all about using proxy with GSA search engine ranker here in one of our GSA SER Proxy tutorial.

          1. Yah..I use that 10 semi dedicated proxies …for overall GSA..any good proxy provider according to you…FYI currently i use buyproxies….

          2. We have recommended HMA to our clients in such cases. BTW we have just finished our new guide on how Rank YouTube Videos on Google which you can read here

  2. Hello,

    I am also getting this error in GSA project what does it exactly means.

    2015-07-16 23:30: No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no site list enabled, no scheduled posting)

    Waiting for your response Thanks

      1. Hi,
        I try to selected search engines of countries likes us,uk & india & also select all the search engines i am getting the same error..As per the message i think this error is when the gsa unable to find the search results of the keywords present in it.& it also block the proxies because if there is no search results then proxies keep on sending search queries to search engine.but search engines were unable to find the targets to post in this way the proxies were also get block..What do you think ?? Pls let me know…So is there is any way to import 1000’s of keywords to GSA SER

        1. Lets dril it a bit to figure out why you are unable to find search results. One step at a time.
          You mentioned you have scrapebox right ? Try to scrapping using thsoe same proxies in scrapebox and let me know if it works for you.

          You can import keywords using the macro on the keyword field

          More about macro can be read here ..

          1. Yah that is working for me..scarping from those proxies..But i have not understand that macro concept ..Also i put somewhere around 1000 keywords in gsa ser but it will work for 1 or 2 day that after certain period of time it will show me that error which i posted in abover comment…

          2. Are you using generic keywords ? What engines have you chosen ? The marco tells gsa search engine ranker to read the text file and pick one line randomly as keyword and repeat the process continuously.

  3. Yes i use generic keywords as well as long tail keywords also ..for keyword scrapping i mostly use scrapebox keyword scraper then copy those keywords from it & make it in comma delimted then copy those keywords & paste it in GSA SER…

    1. And as per engine concern i use blog,directory,article,micro blogs,social bookmark,social network,pingback,indexer,web 2.0

        1. Ok will going to use verified list ..Also let me know what is the best way to import the Sitelist as there are many tutorials over google abt this…which is little bit confusing…

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