HideMyAss Discount – Maximise your Savings – 2017

Looking for HideMyAss Discount coupon ? Here at scrapelink we are committed to give our readers the most effective and updated HMA Discount Coupon.  HMA Pro is by far the most advanced and sophisticated VPN Proxy software available HMA Pro has dominated the Proxy, VPN market since its inception in 2005.

HideMyAss pro has the largest IP base with over 60,000 Elite anonymous proxy IP address , which are diversified in 63 countries. You won’t find any other VPN Provider even come close to this. HideMyAss has simply outclassed every other competitor.


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Is HideMyAss PRO Vpn Fast Enough ?

I have often been asked about the speed of HMA pro vpn and I have always confidently said that HideMyAss Pro vpn is extremely fast proxy VPN service I have ever experienced. It’s second to none.

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  1. Nick Dean

    Hey .. Hidemyass will be worth buying for me. huge bank of IPS

  2. Rangnathan

    following your blog and your approach to convince …hmm yes i am convinced and today i am gonna buy Hma

    • Pritesh Das

      I am glad you liked our blog. Hope your purchase of HMA will help you achieve higher success .

  3. Martin

    hidemyass is a nice knock .

  4. Lule Zeniel

    Instead of world cup ticket i bought hma, hope hidemyass won’t let down me.

  5. ChevyShock

    VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

  6. jguiss

    Hi Pritesh, do use proxies ? Or HMA is enought for all your netlinking stuff ? Thanks
    (Maybe you need a suscribe to comments plugin, because i want to see your answer)

  7. Teddy

    outstanding performance by hidemyass

  8. Daniel Morris

    Pritesh this works. Thanks for the amazing discount.

  9. Lillian Johnson

    Wow thanks so much. I was looking for HidemYass discount. Tiala told me about your site.

  10. Zian

    Buying Hidemyass VPN was gr8 help for me to work and yup thanks for your discount.


  11. Mike zala

    I do follow your site, after purchase of Hidemyass. I would love to hear more offers from you in future

  12. Suzanne

    One of my webmaster friend suggest your website, it looks good enough for my wallet, I have just scared of these online threats about data stealing. I want to subscribe HMA and secure my online transaction. And hope, you will support if i need on these issues.

    • Pritesh Das

      Hi Suzzane,
      Do let us know if you need any help with hidemyass .

  13. abbey root

    Subscribe this morning…. thumbs up for your discount on Hidemyass

    • Pritesh Das

      Cool let me know if you need further assistance in setting hidemyass.

  14. Keira

    I will buy Hidemyass! of (6 months) plan, Pritesh will you help me on technical issues.

    • Pritesh Das

      Go ahead and shoot your queries regarding hidemyass. I will me more than happy to help you dude.

  15. matthew

    cheers! ….got good amount of discount through your link


    • Pritesh Das

      Good to know you can save some of your valuable money. 🙂

  16. jane Devis

    today I manage to read Hma blog, Hidemyass team had celebrate with their customer a big party in London .. wish i could be there as a fan

    • Pritesh Das

      Maybe next time :-p

  17. Carrie

    A comparison between hma and others was help me to choose better one, and finally i have a Hidemyass subscription

    thanks to pritesh for discount

    • Pritesh Das

      How is Hidemyass performing for you ? Let us know

  18. Carrie

    awesome..it has made safe internet for me.

    • Pritesh Das

      Yes it does. Hidemyass has a lot more benefits than just security

  19. Nath

    i bought Hidemyass! subscription through your link last Wednesday, thanks to
    you for your discount

    • Pritesh Das

      You are welcome nath. Now browse the web with a peace of mind.

  20. Robert

    Hidemyass! local server help a lot to get good speed browsing, and cheers for
    your discount link.

    Thanks Pritesh

    • Pritesh Das

      Robert what do you mean by local speed ? I am assuming you meant browsing experience, so yes Hidemyass can actually increase your internet speed in some cases.

  21. Freddy

    Hidemyass! has done overseas traveling easy for me. Now I can do my office work easily.

    • Pritesh Das

      Yes with hidemyass you dont have to worry about country or ISP restrictions. Freddy I hope you are a proud user of Hidemyass just like many others.

  22. anaya

    Hma vpn service is one of the best, they have proactive support system.

    • Pritesh Das

      Yes ananya hidemyass support is top notch.

  23. Edward

    HMa Speed is good and very professional,
    Thank you Pritesh for you discount coupon link, it had help me to save some money.


    • Pritesh Das

      Cool we all love saving money don’t we 🙂

  24. MALA

    Just want to say excellent.. for your hidemyass discount link.


    • Pritesh Das

      Mala just wanted to say thanks for your sweet words 🙂

  25. Junneil Nowady

    Got my subscription with discount price and enjoying my internet international stuffs.


  26. Martin

    Thank u for discount on hma, its too easy to use, Now my Grandma using this for her banking transactions for safety

  27. Lexi Bairy

    Hey thanks for your Hidemyass discount link, HMA subscription help me to get Netflix smoothly while i am in other land.


  28. Anne

    Its been a week, very secure, recommendation 100%
    and thanks

  29. Jovac Logan

    Hidemyass works flawlessly on both my Mac and iPhone, IPs are awesome, and ofcourse thanks for your discount on HMA.


  30. Luto

    All features are ok but I will recommend for its huge range of server, you can choose endlessly.

    Thanks for your discount link.

  31. Lorren

    Got my discount.


  32. Smantha

    I like Hide My IP because it allows me to use their VPN on up to five devices without any extra fee chargess. You won’t find many VPN providers that will allow that. At $2.95/mo you get VPN + Smart DNS to unblock any streaming site, up to 5 devices allowed per account.

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