Hidemyass add its 600th proxy server. More reason to cheer.

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 07:46 pm

hidemyass vpn serverAchievements for Hidemyass throughout this April month

Keeping intact the bench mark of being Leading  VPN Service Provider, Hidemyass team works round the clock to provide its best services.
Hidemyass covered 38.27% countries around the world with their servers,and eager to add more and more. It shows the effort and hard work of team Hidemyass. Hidemyass offers more countries than any other VPN provider. Hidemyass is also backed by solid customer support who are always around you , whenever you need their assistance to set up VPN and have a secure and safe browsing experience. They even have a hassle refund policy in the event you are not satisfied with their product. All you need to to is email them and your refund will be processed in no time.

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“Real commendable achievements”
# Addition Of new server and new countries to the network.
# Fighting against Heartbleed bug
# Grand Launch of 600th server

New Servers and New Countries

* 19 Servers

* 2949 IP addresses

* 4 New countries  a) Colombia b) Yamoussoukro c) Nairobi d) Lagos

Virtual Location :
Netherlands, Amsterdam – Virtual USA
Germany, Frankfurt – Virtual UK

Virtual location are great for getting faster connection through Hidemyass VPN services

Fight against bug
As per advisory by OpenSSL Project that Heartbleed bug can make hares to the internet
users and retrieve information from encrypted SSL endpoints. Hidemyass took all the major
steps to protect their users and make sure that no vulnerability can take place and Hidemyass users won’t get affected by the bug.

600th Server

Its right time to do party for Hidemyass team launch of 600th server itself a milestone
achievement now Hidemyass user can use 74,000 IP addresses in 151 different cities
from 75 different countries around the world.

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  1. I used hidemyass in all my dealings. And the number of IPs are just great, though, it really slows down my connection. Nevertheless, very great in seo projects.

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