Just Why we love hidemyass even in 2016

Last updated on October 17th, 2016 at 10:34 am

hidemyass discountA decade is enough time period to make strong established company like Hidemyass. If you can’t make a name as an entrepreneur in span of 10 years you are probably doing something seriously wrong. Not everyone can become a Jack Cator, the man behind the Hidemyass. Jack Cator, The CEO of HMA has done an extremely fantastic work right from the age of 16 and has never looked back . The fastest growing European company with over 100 plus world’s best minds giving their best in the growth and development of hidemyass.

If you haven’t accidentally stumbled on this webpage, then chances are very high that you know what exactly is hidemyass. For everybody else I will give a brief intro about what hidemyass is and why we love it so much. Hidemyass is the world’s largest VPN service provider. It’s main motto is to provide their clients an easy way to access their favorite websites even if they are banned/restricted in your region. With hidemyass you can never go wrong, hidemyass’s solid military grade security will keep your private information,confidential data, bank details and identity completely safe, even if you are using a public wi-fi connection. So next time you are on a vacation with your friends or family , you can spend you time actually having fun without worrying about online security.

The recent announcement by Hidemyass COO, Danvers Baillieu has created a buzz in the social media as well internet security industry. With Mr Baillieu claiming that by the year end hidemyass will have VPN/Proxy servers in all countries. This kind of wide coverage and multiple geographical options have never been given by any service provider so far. So it will be quite interesting to see if Hidemyass will be able to fulfill their tall claims and promises. We are aware that with the recent merger of Hidemyass and AVG technology, hidemyass has now got the best brains in the business. Hidemyass CEO Jack Cator told the media that the AVG merger is going to boost hidemyass online presence and reputation because AVG technology are one of the leading company to deal with online security and threads.
Hidemyass is proud to be the recipient of several awards and recognition since its inception in 2005. Even the big boys like Forbes, Yahoo , sunday times , trustpilot and many more could stop themselves from speaking highly about

If you haven’t yet subscribed for hidemyass to surf internet with peace of mind, then its high time that you should give this amazing piece of software a try. Hidemyass for limited period is giving special discount so do not forget to use hidemyass discount and enjoy seamless hassle free internet experience.

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