101 Verified methods to get free backlinks instantly

Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 05:50 pm

easy link building methodHello readers, I hope you guys had a wonderful festive season. I did. Well its time to get back to work, so lets start with something I am ALWAYS asked. And the most common question is how do I get free backlinks to rank my sites. So here are the first slot of targets and techniques which I use to build quality backlinks for my sites. Just follow the technique and you can rank your sites really high even on tough keywords without the need of any other resources. While this list of Instant Backlink is a goldmine for any webmaster, but never forget to follow the webmaster’s guidelines recommened by google. Focus on quality of links instead of mass link building.

Let me present to you the list of 101 technique to build free backlinks. 

  1. You can write articles and submit them to article directories
  2. Submit your website to business directory
  3. Submit your Listing on Mikomedi Sites
  4. Build Social media profiles
  5. Submit Listing on JobberBase Platform Sites
  6. Create Web 2 sites and keep them active
  7. Do Product reviews within your niche
  8. Do not shy away to do “Guest Posting” on blogs
  9. Post on Relevant theme based discussion forums
  10. Get backlinks from Classified websites
  11. Distribute Press Release to gain some quality backlinks
  12. Create Ebooks and distribute to get backlinks
  13. Submit to OS Class Classified sites
  14. Create WordPress theme and distribute to gain backlink
  15. Use Question Answer Type Sites to Answer queries and build links
  16. Use Customer Support based Platforms to build links
  17. Use Micro blogging sites to push some links
  18. Create free Wp Plugins and distribute for backlinks
  19. Write blog posts n sites which allow free blog creation
  20. Submit your site to MyPHPAnnuaire Directory
  21. Create Videos and Submit to popular video sites
  22. Participate in BBPress based discussion forums
  23. Use Photo Sharing sites to gain traffic  and links
  24. Create Wikis on MediaWiki based sites
  25. Build Joomla Templates and Distribute for backlinks
  26. Submit your Site to PhpLD Directory
  27. Use Blog Comment on sites that use Discus Plugin
  28. Use Opt-in-Form to generate passive subscribers
  29. Start a contest to let others build links for you
  30. Submit your feed to Rss Aggregators
  31. Participate in MyBB self hosted forums and post messages
  32. Create Vbulletin template and use the footer for backlinks
  33. Use Drupal based sites to create fresh blogs
  34. Create Wikis  on MacOs Platforms
  35. Do social bookmarking on Pligg Sites
  36. Create Profiles on SEO Board based Forums
  37. Submit Videos to Clipshare based sites
  38. Use comment option Pixelpost sites to build links
  39. Create Apps in android , iOs platform to get backlinks
  40. Submit your site to Invitation Web Directory
  41. Answer queries on Question2Answer Platform
  42. Create Blogs on sites running on BuddyPress
  43. Submit your news on Press Release Script
  44. Publish Articles on ArticleMS Sites
  45. Create blogs on sites running on Ucenter
  46. Publish Articles on PhpMotion Websites
  47. Submit comment on Drupal based sites
  48. Create Backlinks on moodle platform
  49. Submit your site to WP Classifieds
  50. Publish your listing to Open-Realty
  51. Write Articles on Article Friendly Based Sites
  52. Participate in XenForo forums and post messages
  53. Submit your articles to Article Dashboard Platform sites
  54. Post to Alto CMS Sites
  55. Submit your content to Wp based Article Directory
  56. Publish Blog Post to LiveStreet CMS
  57. Participate in SMF based Forums and Post messages about your site
  58. Create MyBB Templates and Distribute
  59. Post Comment on php fusion sites
  60. Submit comment on Nucleus Cms
  61. Comment on BlogEngine Based websites
  62. Post Articles on Article Beach Sites
  63. Create blogs on Vbulletin Sites
  64. Submit your site on eSyndiCat Directory
  65. Create blog posts on Moodle Platform
  66. Create Pdf format article and submit to doc sharing sites
  67. Write comments on sites using KeywordLuv
  68. Participate in FluxBB Based Forums
  69. Write on DedeEIMS Guestook
  70. Submit to Freeglobes Directory
  71. Create blog posts on ExpressionEngine Sites
  72. Leave a message on BellaBook
  73. Particpate in phpBB Forums
  74. Leave a comment on DatsoGallery sites
  75. Post videos on sites running on ClipBucket
  76. Create blogs on Jcow bases sites
  77. Submit your site on top social bookmarking sites
  78. Publish videoes on PHPMelody sites
  79. Use DokuWiki Platform to create wiki
  80. Submit Videos on vShare Sites
  81. Create Blogs on Dolphin Based Sites
  82. Publish contents on PeoplePods
  83. Bookmark your site on PHPDug  sites
  84. Submit Videos on MediaMaxScript Sites
  85. Create Blogs on GeekLog Based Sites
  86. Write Articles on sites using vldPersonals
  87. Publish Articles on DZOIC Handshakes Sites
  88. Use MoinMoin Platform to create wiki
  89. Submit Videos on CumulusClips Sites
  90. Create Blogs on SocialEngine Based Sites
  91. Particpate in PunBB discussion Forums
  92. Create SMF template and distribute
  93. Use TikiWiki  Platform to create wiki
  94. Create Blogs on Oxwall Based Sites
  95. Write articles on Ground CTRL sites
  96. Bookmark on Viral Socializer Script sites
  97. Publish content on SocialGo Platform
  98. Use WikkaWiki Platform to create wiki
  99. Submit Videos on ShareMixer Sites
  100. Create Blogs on PHPFox Based Sites
  101. Create  Free Drupal Templates and distribute


I know building backlink on so many different platform and targets is a tedious task and will require enough time and effort.  Want to Automate around 90% of these method and techniques to create amazing backlinks ? Just try GSA SER and you wont be disappointed.  Invest the time you save by using GSA SER in creating some quality content for your site or blog.

If you have any questions regarding any of the method, please do not hesitate to post your queries as a comment here. I will try to answer/respond at the earliest possible.


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  1. After Google Penguin Update, Link building is not that easy. We have to understand what we are doing while getting into link building. This is very useful tricks for the beginner, but I think guest posting or contribute other related blogs is still a great way to build backlinks and become a sponsor to the beginner related site can help a thousand time…

    You have shown many good ways to have some natural backlinks… You have described link building method in a very simple way. I m really surprised to read all this and I’m going to try it right now, I hope it will work for me thanks for sharing very important information and I also want to know that these backlinks will be permanent or not…

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