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Last updated on October 14th, 2016 at 12:07 pm

Learn how to get traffic from Pinterest and maximize your web exposure. In this easy step by step Pinterest article you will learn to  easily drive your traffic to your website consistently. The secret is out.

So how do you exactly get traffic from Pinterest ?

how-to-get-traffic-from-pinterestWell do not worry we will have all of that covered in this article and by the end of this nice little blog post you will learn the trick to get the best out of Pinterest.

Before anything ask yourself , Do you agree that without quality traffic , your blog or website has absolutely no monetary value to it ? Have you ever wondered how others are able to drive tons of traffic to their blogs even though your website seems to be a better one ? Have you ever wondered how others are making enough money even from not so great website ? Did you ever wished you knew exactly what you should do to increase your traffic from social sites like Pinterest? Have you ever wondered how to get noticed on Pinterest? Have you ever wondered market your brand on Pinterest?  Did you ever got confused when some stupid image got thousands of Pins on Pinterest ? Have ever wanted to know how you it is possible to Pin a video on Pinterest ?  Have you ever questioned yourself about the potential of Pinterest ?

If your answer to any of these question is YES, then we have a good reader here in YOU. You will enjoy reading this article while most your questions and confusions will be cleared by the time you finish reading this article.

So without playing with your patience anymore lets get into business and let me share the some important tips and tricks to get traffic from pinterest.

The Pinterest

Pinterest is a one of most popular social networking site of this era and it’s user-base if growing at a very rapid pace. Pinterest is the best visual gallery for some serious inspiration as well as motivation.motivation. Pinterest is just a great discovery tool for anyone to find things you love on the love and wish, but it is also a great platform to promote your own business.
In nutshell it means all web marketers should definitely include Pinterest as their first choice of social media platform to share their top quality visual content.

Pinterest Traffic  Recipe :

The perfect blend – Just with any Great recipe, preparedness, ingredients and the process makes a recipe awesome. And it is the same with ours too, here are the things you need to do in order to get traffic from Pinterest. Traffic that is of high quality and targeted.

  • Your Own Pinterest Account – Create your Pinterest account if you haven’t done it. I would suggest you to create a business account instead of an personal account. Don’t worry its all free. With an Pinterest account , you are able to put up a brand name which really looks professional and as a business account holder you get access to lots of analytical data which will further help you figure out what exactly is working for you and what is not.
  • Add and Verify your Website – This is essential to unlock that analytic features for you.. Pinterest’s internal search results gives higher weightage to accounts which are verified . You can learn how to verify your Pinterest account here
  • Always prefer to add your Real Picture or something that really signifies your products. If your website is around dog training , you could use a cute dig’s pic.
  • Optimize your Pinterest Profile – Make sure you write a decent looking description that has all the important keywords nicely pushed into your description that makes sense and does not look spammy. A good description increases the trust value and makes it lot easier to get new quality followers.
  • Allow users to directly pin images from your website. This also applies to you so pinning from your website instead of uploading images directly to Pinterest.
  • Add Pin it Button to your website , if you use wordpress there are plenty of plugins to do that for you. Also see that there is a Pininterest follow button available for users who wants to follow you on the social networking site .
  • Pin for the wider audience. And also pin interesting stuff from around the web. This attracts new followers and keeps your existing following happy. Subsequently this also makes your account like less spammy. Always go for Quality over Quantity. No compromises here
  • Images , Images and Images – Pinterest is all about images, so make sure you use the best possible image for all your pinning.  Use atleast 600px wide images. There is no restriction to the length of the image so you can use a really long one. Make sure your images doi stand our because you would be competing with several other images every minute.  Ensure that your image looks nice on multiple devices and not such a computer screen. Pinterest has a lot of mobile traffic and you would surely want to capitalize on that too.
  • Now if you are marketing a product, do not forget to use the price option to that.  This gives the user an extra info and sometimes price can the deciding factor for them to navigate to your site.
  • Add links to your Pin Description –  This saves users of an extra step to reach your website , adding a link directly to the description can help users instantly reach your website without expanding the  pin.
  • Timing is Key – If you pin at the right time, chances are high that your pin will be seen by lot more people than otherwise. If we go by the researched figures , the most appropriate time to pin in between 2PM to 4PM and also from 8 PM till midnight. Of course these could vary depending on where you are and who are your target audience.
  • Create boards that are relevant to your website. Avoid creating to many boards and make sure you assign your board to a category . This will increase your visibility  among Pinterest users.

If you follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this article , you are bound to see dramatic results. Never hesitate to add your own twist to these already proven strategies. Do let us know how do YOU use Pinterest to engage with your customers. Share your feedback and feel free ask anway any questions you may have about Pinterest marketing through our comment system underneath.

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