How to Reduce WordPress Website Downtime

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:21 am

wordpress website downtime

So you are wondering how to how to Reduce WordPress Website Downtime? without much fuss ?

If you are the owner of an internet site, regardless of what kind of website it may be, it is critical that your website is always live as well as accessible for your visitors whenever they need it, no matter what time of day it may be. In the event that a prospective client attempts to browse your website, only to later notice that it isn’t accessible, it results in a severe issue. Irrespective of whether web page downtime arises because of software program faults, errors, malicious attacks, or simply equipment malfunctions, you have to ensure that you are informed about the web site downtime the second it occurs. The wordpress platform has started to become a growing favourite among the various web-site platforms. Listed below are three solutions to minimize your website downtime for your wordpress based websites.

#1 – Take advantage of a Website Monitoring System

The most effective solutions to keep a tab on your website’s uptime is to use the services of a web-site monitoring service provider. This will allow you to sleep at night peacefully, because utilizing such a service on your website will allow you to monitor your website uptime 24 X 7 round the year. It will notify you the moment your site is down on your mobile phone as well as email. There are many popular thrid party service provider to choose from which provide website monitoring services, make sure you choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Some of the reliable website monitoring service providers are Altera, pingdom and siteuptime.

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#2 – Let WordPress Managed Hosting Provider Handle your website

When considering selecting the web hosting service provider for your website, it is better to be more choosy. Simply because a website guarantees a 99.9 % uptime promise doesn’t necessarily mean it really can deliver on that commitment. Do your due diligence thereby making sure the web hosting service provider you decide to go with has got an excellent reputation for uptime. Don’t opt for the lowest priced solution available on the market and also stay away from “unlimited” offers which could allow the web traffic from some other websites on a shared hosting server to impact your own site’s uptime. In the event that your web hosting provider isn’t performing up to standard, your website monitoring service will let notify you of the same and you can accordingly make alternative arrangements. You should ideally pick a web hosting service provider that is specialized in WordPress Managed hosting, it makes things a lot easier. I highly this recommend WPHost for all your wordpress hosting needs. They are the best. 

#3 –  Keep your Site secure and Protected

Irrespective of what you hear from others, your website’s security plays a vital role in your site’s uptime. The time and effort you put into to make sure that your website is secure and protected from hackers is going to pay off by minimizing downtime caused by malicious attacks. lessen access points and you’ll minimize the probability that somebody will take down your website simply because they can. Few basic and simple changes, like making sure that your administrator username isn’t the default”admin” and implementing a strong randomized password, using wordpress firewall plugins etc.

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