How to Remove Shortcut Virus ? Free shortcut virus remover

Last updated on September 23rd, 2016 at 01:33 pm

How to Remove Shortcut Virus Tutorial
Infected with Shortcut virus ? Well I know it can be scary when you have all those important files on your PC. Our Laptop or Desktop these days are an integral part of our life and when some intruders tried to mess with your PC, it really annoys beyond doubt.

It is very important to learn how to remove shortcut virus because this notorious virus hides your original file and replaces them with a shortcut icon. Your data is still there but you cannot access it until you remove shortcut virus. Most people encounter this virus when using an  USB Flash/Pen Drive however it could also affect your HardDisk as well. In  majority of cases , your PC or Laptop gets infected with shortcut virus when you plug an shortcut virus infected SD card or Pen drive to your PC or Laptop without scanning it with your Anti Virus.

What is ShortCut Virus ?

Shortcut virus is a malware that could infect any Windows Device through external storage like Pen drive, SD card, MMC card etc.  Once infected your files including folders is replaced with shortcut and your original files are hidden. This Shortcut Virus is known to use the original folder icon and keeps coming back so , the clean up process of such virus should be done properly.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus ? 

While there are several ways to remove shortcut virus, here we will discuss  the safest and quickest method to remove shortcut virus. Please be advised that if you follow our instruction exactly as mentioned you will able to get rid of shortcut virus permanently. The method involves using the CMD ( Command Prompt ) , which incidentally our personal favorite as we prefer not use any third party software  unless until it is extremely required.

How to remove shortcut virus


How to Remove Shortcut Virus Step By Step Guide

  1. Before we start the Shortcut Virus removal process, first of all close all the application . ( You can write down this complete instruction somewhere )
  2. Open Command Prompt on your Desktop PC or Laptop ( Start > Run > CMD  )
  3. Insert your External Storage device and figure out the drive name of the infected Pen drive / MMC SD Card/ Hard Disk ( For Example in my PC When I inserted the Pen Drive , it  was accessible on Drive E) . Yours can vary depending on your HDD partitions.
  4. Type the following command  without quotes in your  CMD screen. “attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d E:*.* ( PLEASE NOTE : In this example we use Drive E, you must replace it with your drive name )
  5. Press Enter. This should allow you to access all your data that was hidden on the Pen drive.
  6. Copy the Data from your Pen Drive to your Primary Drive
  7. After Backup, Format your Pen drive.
  8. Eject your External Pen Drive/ SD Card
  9. Restart your PC and ReInsert your Pen Drive
  10. Copy Back the Data that you saved in your Primary Hard Drive.

So next time be cautious before Pairing devices, or inserting Pen drives . Always do a quick scan of your such Pen drives before accessing any files from external storage drives.It is also wise to use PC protection software like Free MalwareBytes to keep your PC in good health.

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  1. OMG Thank. My girlfriend almost killed me because I infected her laptop with my pen drive while transferring music. This is a great and effective solution i would say.

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