How to repost on Instagram – Methods that REALLY work

Last updated on March 27th, 2018 at 03:42 pm

OK so you are an Instagram fan ehh ? Have you found a great picture but unsure how to repost on Instagram ? Are you someone who wants to learn the trick about how to repost on Instagram that really works ? Do you own an iPhone and want to quickly repost on Instagram without much hassle ? Are you one of those who prefer a PC over mobile for Instagram and really want to know how to repost video on Instagram ?

Friends, if you have a similar query , then this is right place to learn all the tricks about Instagram. In this particular post, we will uncover some amazing yet easy method to repost on Instagram.

Instagram was originally launched in 2010 and has gone a long way so far, according to a popular news magazine Instagram has become the most popular social media platform among advertisers beating twitter. This popular media sharing app is currently owned by Facebook and with each second we have a new user trying out Instagram.  Instagram is free to use , fun app that is designed to work with iOS, android and windows device.  Instagram is super easy to use is one of the reason why it has become so popular as a social media platform. With Instagram is dead easy to take picture, use filter and upload photos to your Instagram account. You can even capture and share a short 1 min video, add digital filters and make your video stand out.

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During my recent webinar with the students of KIMS on social media impact, I was asked a lot about Instagram. Surprisingly the queries were very common and silly ones like how to post a video on Instagram or how to post on Instagram from iPhone or how to post on Instagram from mac and so on. So, what does this mean ? It means that Instagram is penetrating the young mass , however the application usage  can be tricky for new folks. Fortunately we have a wide range of information about how to use Instagram.

how to repost on instagram

How to repost on Instagram Tips

  1. For Iphone or other iOS device users, simly download this app from here. It is free to download and use
  2. For Android lovers, there is a great app developed my Cactus group which works great to repost on Instagram.  Download from Google Play store
  3. For PC and Mac users, you can use service like to help you not only repost on Instagram but also get some userful data on what works best on Instagram, trending posts and other valuable analytics.

I hope these  methods would surely help you learn how to successfully  repost on Instagram. If you are aware of some other tricks that we have missed out, please comment on this post and let us know. We would be glad to update this post accordingly.

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  1. To repost on Instagram, find the picture you’d like to repost within the Instagram app, then tap on the three dots ‘…’ icon next to the image and then tap ‘Copy Share URL’.

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