How to write a Professional Email that Gets a Response

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Professional Email Writing

So you are wondering what is so great about writing an professional email ? Doesn’t most of us  know how to write an email ??Well in short I can say that an email is just an email, and a professional email is leagues apart. You can’t compare apples with oranges.

A well crafted  professional email makes it super easy for the email recipient to understand the email content and act on its message if they wish to do so, leaving all the confusion and guess work at bay. Even though emails are often regarded as pretty less formal than the printed business-letters, in the cutting edge business world you cannot take the risk to let your language appear to be informal  and casual. Your email should give a clear indication that you MEAN Business.

Still interested to polish your email writing skills ? I guess so, well then continue with this article to unearth simple yet highly effective secrets and etiquette that will enhance the level of professionalism to your emails.


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Professional Email writing Tip #1 : Construct a meaningful subject line.

Once you have the purpose of writing the email, the most important thing is to write a good  subject that will entice the recipient to read the content of the email. According to RIMS research Institute, 78% of emails are deleted by the recipient even before opening them. You certainly do not want your business email to be treated that way.  If your subject line is vague, you will miss the opportunity to persuade your recipient. Please keep in mind that your email is not the only message in the recipient’s inbox, so its even more essential to have a clear and crispy subject your message is not the only one in your recipient’s mailbox. A clear subject line will help a otherwise busy professional to decide that your email is worthwhile.

Professional Email writing Tip #2 : Begin with a personalized greeting

Don’t sound like a robot with greeting phrases like “Hey Admin”,  “Hello Webmaster”,” ,”Hi blog owner”. Instead use personalized greeting like “Hello Kim”, Hi John Mathew”. The idea is to make the recipient feel that the email is not a generic email meant for the masses. We should try our best to give recipient an impression that the email was just meant for him/her.

Professional Email writing Tip #3 : Do not Rush

It’s a bad practice to jump into the objective of your communication early. Its termed indecent in the professional email rule book . Give a nice and elegant about yourself or your company. Do not overdo or blow your own trumpet. Give them an idea of who you are or what your company is about.

Professional Email writing Tip #4 : Make your intentions clear

Once you are done with a nice little snippet intro, its time to throw in the purpose of your communication. Let our email recipient know what the email is all about. Do not let them keep guessing. I have seen many such emails who try to keep the real purpose of the email very shady until to read through the entire email, its frustrating atleast for me. I am sure you are just like me and your recipient may also feel the same. The tone of the email content matters., so always  write in a positive tone.

Professional Email writing Tip #5 : Use Single Agenda

Professional emails are not like business meetings where you can address multiple agendas. Keep your email limited to just one topic.  The less you include in your professional email, the better response you will get. Nobody has time to read your  “stories”.

Professional Email writing Tip #6 : Follow the rule of Empathy

When you write an professional email, make sure you choose appropriate words keeping in mind the recipients point of view. Professional Email writers often make this mistake and ignore this vital aspect. With experience you will enhance your capacity to discover the entire world through the vision of another person.

Professional Email writing Tip #7 : Use Universal Standard  Format

As I mentioned earlier, try to keep your professional email short. And the most easiest way to do so is to use a standard universal format. The most popular professional email format is as follows, although you can tweak it a bit as per your requirement.

  • Personalized greeting
  • a brief introduction
  • the purpose of your email
  • a call to action
  • polite closing message
  • your courteous signature

Professional Email writing Tip #8:  Proofread

Last but not the least, one aspect of creating a sort and meaningful email if careful proofreading. Read your email aloud to yourself, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. You may want to ask yourself these three simple questions before hitting the “send button” :

  • Is my request crystal clear?
  • Could there be any doubts  or misunderstandings ?
  • How would this feel if I were the recipient?

If you follow these excellent tips of professional email writing, I am confident that your writing skills are going to improve. Don’t be surprised when your boss compliments you for your email.










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