3 Stupidly easy method to Improve your Organic CTR

Last updated on February 24th, 2016 at 03:14 am

Organic CTRIn today’s world there is no shortage of new and advanced seo techniques to enhance your internet exposure. While the diversified and sophisticated methods are great, seo campaigners often put less emphasis on the basics of a well structured search engine optimization. Your Organic CTR  (Click-Through Rate)is one of  them. In this article of mine, I will try to make some very basic yet extremely important points on how to improve your Organic Click Through Ratio.

Simple and easy page tweaks can yield substantial improvement in your CTR ratio. Its a real deal. no click no ROI.

  1. Use catchy and informative description meta data. Remember in most cases this is the snippet that is shown in the search engine result pages.  Meta Description helps search users understand about the content of your webpage.These Meta Description can greatly influence the Search Engine user whether to click on your listing or not. Consider Meta Description as free advertising space. Google will truncate anything that is beyond 160 characters, so it is advisable to keep your Meta Description around 140 Characters. Don’t forget to use targeted keyword in your meta description. Any words that matches the user query will be shown in bold letters. Wisely without going overboard use your call-to-action offers in your Meta Description. When constructing your Meta description focus on choice of words, character length, call-to-action, answering user query. 
  2. Use of Keyword in your URL can definitely improve your Organic CTR. It gives a sense to the user that the said webpage surely has some information what his/her query. Google own SEO Guide clearly mentions that having Keyword within your URL is more of a Human readability factor rather than Search Engine. Today’s Search Engine are smart enough to know  about the content of a webpage and does not rely on words within the URL. So what is this Human readability Google is talking about, it simply means that it gives search users an impression that the said listing actually contains information/material he/she is looking for.  Keywords in the URL can help you in SERP  CTR increase. Check out this result for ‘paneer pizza’ on google.Organic CTR Keyword URLNotice the keyword nicely used within the URL for the very first listing on the SERP ? Do you think it will compel the user to click its listing ? The short answer is YES.
  3. Create compelling Page Titles  – While Page Title is not the most critical factor  in improving your search Engine Ranking but it is definitely one of most crucial element when it to comes to improving your Organic CTR. Page Title is the first thing a Search Engine User sees when going though the results page. If you have a boring and standard Page title, chances are very high that you are ruining your Organic CTR.  Do not rush in while creating your Page Title, spend some time  to carefully craft an enticing title that is relevant to your webpage.  Recommended character for Page Title Tag is anywhere between 40-60 characters, anything more than that will be truncated.  Sometimes coming up with a satisfactory title for your webpage can be the hardest part of the whole seo process. Keep your most imporant keyword right at the begniing of the Page title and you should ideally avoid common words ( and, then if but etc )


Well for sure more new techniques and algortith will evolve in coming days , but before trying anything extra and complex , make sure you follow these guidelines and I can assure you that you can see dramatic improvement in your CTR

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