7 Effective ways to Increase Webinar Registration

Last updated on September 2nd, 2017 at 12:23 pm

Webinars are a great solution for improving brand value, generating quality leads and positioning yourself as a serious business entity. You can wisely use online webinars to present e-learning training courses or online workshops or even hold meetings, seminars as well as conferences.

increase Webinar Registration

Check out these great tips to increase webinar registration dramatically. They are in no order and each one of them is equally important.

1 –The Topic Itself –  Nothing can be more attractive than a good content. Focus on the webinar content and make sure you are NOT emphasizing a lot on selling your product. Use bullet points to highlight why one should continue to watch your webinar till the end. A great looking landing page should be designed to communicate with your

2 –  A Great Looking Landing Page – We all have learnt this right from the school days that a “good start” is can make a huge difference . You simply cannot succeed without a laser targeted page to convert your prospective audience into webinar registrants. A great landing page persuades and convinces the web page viewer to sign up for the webinar with the help elements like catchy headlines, video teasers, social comments and testimonials.

3- Keep reminding again and again –  You don’t want a no-show at your webinar. Nobody wants that. Make sure you send them friendly reminders through emails. If you managed to capture the mobile number of your registrants then you can easily send them SMS. Mobile messaging works better and gives a sense of personalized touch

4- Post Webinar Engagement – This is something that is often ignored, webinar is all about interaction with your targeted audience. Most business entity, never follow with their webinar registrants, which is pretty foolish in my personal opinion. Always follow up with all those attended your webinar. Throw them a quick survey or a poll and gather all those vital information to enhance your future webinar.

5- Add to calendar – This is again very simple yet people who host or manage online webinar somehow ignore this. Online calendar has become a integral of professional these days and if you expect them them to spend time watching and interacting with you during your webinar, you must lock that time slot for you. Many WordPress webinar plugins allow calendar integration, so you must take advantage of this feature.

6- Get the timing right –  Timing is everything. You don’t want your email to get buried in their mailbox. Depending upon on your target audience, make sure your email lands at a time when people read email . One the most recommended time is 10 am in the morning or 9.30 pm at night. According to BRT study, these timing have shown the best response.

7- Social Media Promotion – This has been mentioned time and again. Social Media , if used wisely can provide you the much needed exposure for events like webinar. Be careful not to look too spammy. Do create a facebook page exclusively for your webinar. Invite friends within your circle. Create a video teaser outlining what they will achieve by enrolling to your webinar and post in on popular video sites like YouTube.


If you follow the sneaky tips shared in this article, you will notice visible growth in number of webinar registrants . Increase Webinar Registration does not happen overnight so don’t get impatient. Think different , think smart. I hope this article on how to increase Webinar Registration will now  encourage you to plan your next webinar smartly.

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