How to check iPhone battery health – Perfomance Tips

Iphone has come a long way since its launch back in 2007. From iPhone to iPhone 6s plus, with each new model released, it has taken the entire mobile industry by storm. From revolution to the Next BIG thing, iPhone is not just another phone, its iPhone. I love how they say it on their commercials “If you don’t have a iPhone you , you don’t own a phone”
check iphone battery healthiPhone runs on propriety operating system named as iOS. iOS is not an open source like Google’s android operating system. You can’t easily brick your iPhone unless you trying to act over smart. iPhone comes with a premium price tag and has its own share of consumers. With every new model of iPhone, Apple introduced something never heard of. With iPhone 4 they brought siri and retina display, with iPhone 5 they introduced LTE for blazing fast mobile internet experience, their Iphones even got bigger this time and also taught the world how fingerprint technology can change the way phone interacts with its owner. And the Launch of iPhone 6 gave us a very pleasant surprise with the introduction of unique 3D touch. Hat’s off to the research team working behind the scene, to make iPhone unique and exclusive time and again. Having said that the premium price of iPhone is always debatable .

No matter what Phone you use, what OS your phone runs on or what model of phone you use, the battery of your phone is the most element of any phone. Consider this, what good would it be Lamborghini or Ferrari car, if is gas tanker was only 1 gallon ? Definitely it would make these engineering masterpiece pretty much useless. The same goes with phone, if your battery is not performing well it pretty much makes your phone useless.

So is there a real way check iPhone battery health ?

Well the good news is YES.

Follow these simple steps to check iPhone Battery Health

Method 1 for Mac users

Step 1 – Download and Install this Battery Health Checker on your Mac Pc

Step 2 – After successful installation, connect your iPhone or any other iOs device

Step 3 – Check all the vital information to know your battery health status.

iPhone Battery health report includes number of cycles it has run, capacity, temperature, manufacturer date , current state and discharge rate etc. all this easy to understand details about your Iphone battery health will help you to determine whether your battery needs a replacement or if some  other factor ( A third party App ) is draining your battery fast.

Method for Windows Users :

Step 1 – Download and Install iBackUp Windows Software from the official download page. Pick the one that says windows Edition.

Step 2 – Connect your Iphone or Ipad through USB interface.

Step 3 – Start iBackUp software  and it will automatically detect your iPhone

Step 4 – Click on your device name on the left menu under devices

Step 5 –  Click on “More Information” which should open a new pop-up window.

Here on this  page, you can view all the information and status of your battery including but not limited to cycle count, full capacity, current state etc.. iBackUp gives you a lot of features and not just battery information  for your iPhone and is a handy tool to have if you are an iPhone user.

Alternative method : You can install battery doc from iTunes and it seems to do the job for you as well .  I have personally not tested this method but based on reports  I can tell your that it does work .

I hope this article will help you figure out how healthy  your Iphone battery is.  If you are  aware of any other working method to check iPhone battery health status, do let us know.

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  1. Pritesh this tutorial is very handy. I am planning to buy a used Iphone for my son and I think I now know how to check battery status.

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