Top 3 Online Keyword Position Checker

Last updated on May 18th, 2016 at 01:12 pm

Keyword Position CheckerAre you looking for the best Online Keyword Position Checker to track your rank ? Do want to know what is your SERP position ? Are you looking for a online serp checker that is reliable and fast ?  Do you want to save time and find a solution for bulk keyword rank checker ? Do you want to know where your website stands in google for a particular keyword ?  Do you want to know exactly which keywords are performing well for your website ?

IF your answer is YES to any of the above queries, you are at the best place to find the most accurate and updated information on Online Keyword Position Checker. With google encrypting majority of the searches , it is difficult to find out which keywords are actually performing for you.

Bulk Google SERP checker can help you discover and find out which keywords are actually progressing to the first page of google.  Online google position finder will not only help you save time but also provide you much more accurate results for your keyword ranking.

Remember that results will vary dramatically with respect to various factors including geo location, logged in user, browser cache, device and much more. For this very reason it become even more important to use ranking software or online SERP checker scripts to discover, find and read your rankings and store the data for your reference and further research.

Online Keyword Position Checker

#1 RankWatcher –  RankWatcher is a very unique and comprehensive SEO Management suite that definitely give the ability to its users to gain overall view of all their keyword ranking and  provides them with very detailed and wide range of information including SERP position. RankWatcher is much more than a Google serp checker tool. With RankWatcher all you need is PC with Internet connection to get started with the awesome and easy to use Keyword Postion checker. Fortunately now you no longer need to waste your valuable time and effort in searching for Google SERP position drop or improvement of your profitable keywords. With just a few clicks you can configure RankWatcher to send you automated E-mail notifications in the event of any change in your Search Engine rankings for your defined keywords.

#2  SERP Lab – This is a great online Google Keyword Position Checker which you can use to find your websites Google SERP instantly in real time for free. Signup and registration is optional and if you want to check more than 10 keywords at once, you must register on the website. Google Search Engine ranking position checking is surely one of the most important one should do periodically to check your website’s popularity and brand value.

#3  SERP Checker –  This SERP Checker tool will show search for your specific keyword in the top 250 search results for Google Search Engine. This also displays the CPC and search volume data for the keyword  which I personally believe are very important data to help you very vital statistic for doing a proper keyword research or setting up seo campaigns.

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  1. I personally use rankwatcher to keep a track on various projects without much of effort. It also sends me alter on rank drop which is cool

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