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Update : New Version released. Check out Kontent Machine review

In this age and time, where google algo updates are hitting websites really hard as far as SERP is concerned , it is all about high quality content if you want win in the battle of better search engine ranking. If we go back a few years, ranking website was pretty much easy and it almost became a rat race with webmasters and search engine optimizer beating the hell out of websites by creating tens and thousands of links.  If you are an old player, you probably would remember the days when products like WordPress Auto blogging plugin was a bit hit. In a nutshell, such products copied content from other websites and sources and published them on their own blogs. But this does not end here, many such auto blogged websites ranked much higher than the original source. Fortunately all that is history now, for the good.

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Kontent Machine – Overview

Kontent Machine Review

Kontent machine is an advanced software application that allows you to generate high quality unique as well as relevant content based on your criteria. Several content is intelligently built with regards to your keyword along with relevant pictures and video too. Kontent Machine 4 has been re-developed from the scratch and is now even more powerful and smarter than ever before.

Who should use Kontent Machine?

This tool is for anyone who want their website to rank better in search engine without putting a lot of effort or time.

What link-building software does Kontent Machine support ?


Kontent Machine has built-in integration with some of the best link building seo tool. Here is the list of software that is currently supported by Kontent Machine.

  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker
  2. SeNuke TNG Pro ($20 Special Discount )
  3. Magic Submitter (Not recommended )
  4. FCS Network
  5. RankXYZ

How exactly does Kontent Machine Generate Content?

Kontent Machine Article Scraper

When you hear about something that could magically generate unique human readable content with just a few clicks, it is obvious that most of us would get suspicious about its claim (Unless and until you have personally experienced its power). Over the year, Kontent Machine has build a very respectable online reputation. If you hang around webmaster community, you should have noticed many experts recommending Kontent Machine as their preferred content generating tool. Kontent Machine uses advanced complex algorithm to pull content from various sources and tweaking it intelligently to produce unique and relevant content specifically for your backlink needs. Kontent uses several combination to scrape articles including local files as well third party articles sites. Kontent Machine lets you to add your own content as well to process it further and create multiple unique content. Kontent Machine also capitalizes on the power of third-party popular article spinner if you want to further improve your content quality.

What Article spinners are supported by Kontent Machine?

kontent machine spinner

  1. KM Built in Article Spinner
  2. WordAi(Highly recommended)
  3. TheBestSpinner
  4. SpinnerChief (Affordable and Best Value)
  5. ChimpRewriter

You can do pretty much fine with inbuilt Kontent Machine spinner, however if you are someone like me who builds a lot of high quality  Tier 1 links, then you must use the highly precision spinner tool like WordAi.

What are the salient features of Kontent Machine 3 ?

  1. Automatic Content scraper (Multiple Sources )
  2. Intelligently Inject content into articles
  3. Create About me content
  4. Custom Titles for your articles
  5. Post directly to your WordPress sites
  6. Easily and automatically insert images and videos into your generated content
  7. Easy integration with several software including GSA SER and Private Blog Networks.
  8. Built-In Auto Correct
  9. Generates titles, summary, body section for article automatically.
  10. Adds LSI keywords into your article easily.

What is the best Kontent Machine Discount Coupon Code?

The best deal you can get with Kontent Machine 3 is FLAT 40% Discount. The special price is applicable for both lifetime as well as monthly subscription. I am not sure for how long this offer will be available, so if you want a great content generator, grab this offer right away.

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Kontent Machine – Conclusion

Honestly if you have reached this, you are probably seriously about ranking better in search engine for your keywords. Kontent Machine was built with the sole idea of helping webmasters improve their SERP without much effort, time or technical knowledge.  The best part is that Kontent Machine comes with an unconditional no-question-asked 30 days full money back guarantee, so under any scenario if Kontent machine does not deliver as per your expectation, you can always request a refund. Go give this a go and build super seo content and rank like never before.

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