Laptop Battery charging problem and how to fix them

Last updated on August 7th, 2017 at 02:58 pm

Laptop Battery charging problemMost people buy laptop because they are portable. This Saturday,  after finishing my Webinar on WordPress, I decided to use my laptop to check something important. Unfortunately my I forgot to put the laptop on charge the other night. so I plugged the Power Adapter and the laptop just started fine. However, while I was responding to an email from one of our customer, I noticed this stubborn error notification on my battery icon which says “plugged in, not charging”  which almost shocked me. But then I reminded my self that a lot of funny things can happen when you are dealing with laptops and windows OS.


Battery is a very important periphery of your laptop. It gives you the liberty and awesomeness of portability, and without a functional battery, your laptop is as good as a desktop which requires a continuous supply of power. So in other words you are able to use your laptop only in places where you are close to a power source .

Laptop Battery charging problem Solution

 Method 1 – Your Operating System

This is one of the most common issue, and is known to mess with the power management of  your laptop. Try to roll back windows to an earlier date. ( You can use the windows restore feature ) . If that does not fix your laptop battery charging problem,  check for latest power management software from your laptop brand official website. Some company are known to push their own power management software. Reboot your PC and see if everything back to normal as far as your battery charging is concerned.

 Method 2 – Ninja Method

This technique is also called the go-to method , which has solved several kind of problem including battery charging problems. The first thing you need to do is remove all power source including the battery. Now press the power-on button for 120 seconds so it releases what power is left on the inbuilt motherboard battery. Now this may sound stupid  but quite of lot things gets fixed with this method.

Method 3 – Hardware problem

Often overlooked, the power cord could be the unsung culprit , so just to use another power cord and see if it helps you fix the battery problem on your laptop. The next thing to check is the power adapter itself, at times it tends to not supply the adequate amount of current required. Borrow someone’s adapter just to diagnose and rule out the possibility of  a bad adapter. This may sound stupid but don’t forget to try another power outlet just in case you know  :).


If you follow all the steps mentioned  and is still not able to rectify your laptop battery charging problem, then unfortunately it has be your battery which has lived its life and is asking for an replacement. If you enjoyed this post, do check out my review on best wordpress webinar.


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