Live Webinar Tips -Five Shockingly Easy Method to Increase Registration

Last updated on March 26th, 2018 at 02:06 pm

Live Webinar Registration – Overview

Live Webinar TipsLive Webinars can be a great and profitable marketing tool for lead generation and product awareness that is as long as you do them in the right manner. Some Live webinars tips have proven to have an amazing conversion ratio. Having said that, creating and managing a successful webinar is often easier said than done. In this article, we will share with you some of the proven and tested methods used by industry experts to gain huge numbers of Webinar registrants.

The fact is that marketers simply love webinars, because it connects them directly with your prospective clients. But, simply running a live webinar with original and great content will not guarantee its success. One needs to take several factors into consideration, plan and implement to turn your live webinar into a successful marketing campaign.

Why do some marketer fail to run a successful live webinars?

Live webinars fail for several reason, including poor planning, bad timing, unorganized content, low-end camera, bad positioning of camera, poor audio, wrong set of audience, and lack of follow-up among others.

Proven tips to improve live webinar registration

While there are several methods to increase your webinar audience, we have picked only the best 6 technique which can implemented by most marketer with little effort and has little or no pre-requisite.

  • Research your Webinar Topic – It is obvious that if content / topic of your webinar isn’t interesting enough, you will have a hard time in increasing your live webinar registrants and attendees. Try to discover topics that is already liked by people. Your website or blog is a good place to find such topics. Scan your website or even your competitor’s website and look for article that has been shared or read maximum times. Google is always there to help you further to pin down a niche specific topic for your next webinar.
  • Promote your webinar – Your landing page for the live webinar is the key point for most of your live webinar promotion. Build your landing page that is not only attractive and tempting but also informational. Adding a teaser video works really well. Don’t forget to submit your event details on webinar listing sites like and Depending on your target audience, create a well formatted email and send them to your subscriber. Social media is another popular media for promoting your live webinar event, just make sure you to do not over-do it.
  • Don’t turn your live webinar into advertisement – I have seen this happen quite a lot. Even big marketers at times create webinar that scream of “please buy me”. Remember a great webinar is often very informative, fun and inclusive. Build your live webinar that tempts its viewer to ask questions to the host or webinar presenter. Let your webinar attendee participate actively throughout the event. Inform your viewers about the services or product and let them decide if it is something they might be interested in. Buyers are wiser more than we think, so craft your sales pitch smarty and blend in within your webinar appropriately. This will ensure that your next webinar will have high number registrants. Build your fan not just viewers.
  • Crowdsource your promotion – If you do not have large marketing team or on a limited budget, this is a great method to pump your event promotion. Once users registers themselves for the event, send them a thank you and politely request them to spread the word about your upcoming webinar within their social circle. In return, as a token of appreciation you can give them something which is relevant to your webinar topic, since you we already that they are interested in that. For example, a free-trial or special discount to your product or services works amazingly well.
  • Use proven tools – We only get one chance to impress our readers and convert them into registrant of your webinar who later on become your webinar viewer and prospective client. So using the best and proven tools is so very important. You do not want a broken registration form or emails that land up in spam folder or even worst, never reach their mailbox. Host your website/landing page on reputable webhost provider that is robust and can handle sudden traffic spike. Create teaser video with best audio-video equipment or you can even hire a media professional to do so.

Pro Tip : Combination of WebinarIgnition and Aweber has worked really well for most of us. We are hosted with HGator for over 5 years and it has never let us down 🙂

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