Top 5 Local seo ranking factors with GSA Search Engine Ranker

Last updated on February 2nd, 2016 at 11:02 am

Just about every decent SEO specialist must know the techniques of Search engine optimization. In this article I will discuss about the Top 5 Local seo ranking factors.  Local SEO a very simple enough model of Search engine optimization that a surprisingly great number of individuals get drastically wrong most of the times. I’ve enjoyed many years researching and following local SEO, and even finding success, primarily because of the fact that the majority of people don’t know what they are doing.

So why is LOCAL Seo so Important ?


Local seo ranking factorsIf your business serves a particular region and its adjoining locations, ensuring that your website is optimized locally is crucial. If you are in a location and be expecting people to be able to find you on Google for that specific location, you should be optimizing your web pages for your local area.

With the recent update of google search algorithm “Pigeon”  its is even more important to follow the guidelines that google loves.

Based on my experience of several years of  helping some of our esteemed clients to rank well on local seo, I am going to share some of the valueable tips that will help you improve your local seo ranking

  • Consistent Local Citation –  As you may know, a citation is a web mention of your business name, address and phone number including your Zip code. It is very important to maintain the citation details across website. and be consistent with your business details.
  • Off-Page Local SEO – Off-Page is a vital factor for you to succeed in Local Seo. Off-Page Local Seo includes backlink portfolio, social mentions, web 2 properties , forum and discussion board interaction, web branding and so on. You can either do all of the Off-Page Local seo manually or if you are wise enough you can capitalize the benefits of  GSA SER to automatically do all the Search Engine Optimization for you.
  • Keyword Selection and Planning  – The most vital element that drives traffic to a website is not the stunning design or the visual aspect, its the wording, the keyword phrases that google crawler sees and determines its value and other parameters. You can either use a free tool like Google’s Keyword Planner or use a more sophisticated keyword research tools like SEORUSH or KEYIO to build your keyword strategy.
  • Create your Google+ Local Page –  Be calm and patient when creating your google+ Local page. Pick the most appropriate category  and fill out as much details as you can. You don’t have to write a story though. Write atleast 350 words to describe your business and optimally use your keywords. Make sure your add your contact details including a local phone number  and Opening and closing hours and working days
  • On-Page Local Seo Tips – Add a map of your business’s location to your website, preferably on the site footer or the contact us page on your website. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and anyone can access it without hiccups on most popular devices and not just PC.  incluide City. state and Zip code in your content, title and h1 tag wheever posisble without looking spammy . Harness the power of microformat and structured data.

3 Replies to “Top 5 Local seo ranking factors with GSA Search Engine Ranker”

  1. Hey pritesh thank you for your tips. We wanted to do improve our local ranking for our website. I own a small restaurant that specializes in baked items and I was just not sure where to start.
    Your article on local seo ranking factor definitely is a good start.

  2. We all know that search engine is the best source to drive targeted traffic and customers. Right?

    Search engines like Google plays a major role in delivering potential customers and readers.

    To become a succeessful business man, We have must high traffic from Google but nowadays I have noticed that It is being harder and harder to get ranked in Google.

    Due to the rise of spammers, Google is improving their algorithms and removing spammers from their SERPs.

    The ranking factors which you have mentioned above are very much important and It can help us to get ranked better in SERPs.

    I only believe that We should must have indepth and detailed content which can help readers. If We have such types of content then We can easily drive huge organic traffic without making more efforts.

    I am glad that you have shared such a wonderful article with us. 😀

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